Retailer Benefits

Complete Business Automation: Automation does not stop within the four walls of your business. It is extended beyond your four walls to those of your suppliers and your business partners. With NetTrade all transactions with your supplier such as purchase order, invoice receipt, ack/discrepancy reporting, purchase / expiry returns, credit/debit notes, indent, status notification are automated. With this improved automation, there is greater openness and transparency in all your transactions resulting in greater satisfaction leading to increased profits.

Eliminate Data Entry Work: There is no need for long hours of purchase data entry for all your purchases. With NetTrade, purchase invoices are automatically loaded into the material receipt screen thus eliminating purchase data entry.

Increased Delivery Accuracy: As purchase data entry is eliminated, you  have time to verify and make sure you are delivered the right product having the same batch as in invoice at the right price and quantity. Batch Number and Expiry Date verification helps prevent proliferation of spurious drugs and product, quantity and rate verification allows you to run your business efficiently

100% Reach for offers and  new product introductions: With NetTrade you are sure the offer details reached all your Customers resulting in more business due to offers. There is no more selective communication of offer details

Accurate Record Keeping: With increased drugs and cosmetics act compliance requirements, it is important for retailer to keep records on purchase records including discrepancies and their acknowledgements. NetTrade enabled retail outlet sends acknowledgement and discrepancy reports back to the supplier, making sure all delivery discrepancies are notified and taken to a closure

Offer Notifications: The offer notifications received from suppliers help in knowing all the offers available for the day at the right time, while placing orders. This helps in making sure products are sourced at the best available price

New Item Notifications: The new item notification keeps you informed of the new products introduced in the market, their purpose, price etc.