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Our point of sale system address the challenges of both small, independent aspirational retailers & large multi-store retail chains. Our sector specific offerings for retail & downstream supply chain, work on any device, is available on both on-premise & on-cloud and help retailers to source the right product at right price at the right time,now available in India, US, Sri lanka, Pakistan and 29+ countries.

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  • Shyam scooter

    Shyam scooter

    We were seeking a Specialized and Industry specific Business Management desktop point of sale software. After detailed evaluation, we chose GOFRUGAL to engage with us in our technology driven growth path. This association has brought in several measurable value propositions, helped us achieve economic value addition, implement our business model...

    Mr. Shyam Pamnani

  • Achme Communication

    Achme Communication

    GOFRUGAL's Cloud POS helped us to understand our business health & cross check at multiple levels. We are able to plan, purchase and invest only in fast moving products there by overcoming the financial burden by investing on non-moving products. The stock transfer between the locations became smooth and easy.

    Mr. Jai Shankar
    Managing Partner

  • Koushal Cloth House

    Koushal Cloth House

    GOFRUGAL's user interface is so intuitive and comfortable that our employees are able to sit down and learn it. We never required a need to invest further in training and in terms of the learning curve, online manuals help makes the program. It has features such as screen tips, a searchable help index, demos, and example...

    Mr. Hemanth
    Koushal Cloth House