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Includes 4 hours* of on-boarding service


Subscription fee per month

Set-up fee

Includes 6 hours* of on-boarding service

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Terms and conditions

The price mentioned is not applicable for Installations in countries outside of India

All prices mentioned above are exclusive of taxes. For the countries outside India, the purchaser is responsible for all applicable taxes and duties in their jurisdiction

Prices are subjected to change without notice

Service hours inclusive in the yearly subscription package is for online training and implementation only. Standard charges apply for additional training and implementation services

For onsite implementation and training, additional travel, boarding and lodging charges will apply

To publish your Android App & iOS app on Google Play store & Apple App Store respectively, you need to open your developer account as it is required to possess the complete ownership of app configuration settings and reviews

Please note that the set-up fee has to be paid along with the initial half-yearly or yearly subscription fee

The price for the specified features that are not included in the edition but available as add-on should be paid for the entire year

At any point in time, if you want to switch from the lower version to a higher version, you can upgrade the plan by paying the balance set-up fee and subscription fee for the remaining validity period

You can downgrade from the higher to a lower version. Please note that the balance subscription amount will be considered for future subscriptions but will not be refunded

If you opt for Pro edition, to run offers in the OrderEasy app, your base product edition should either be in professional version or you can prefer to purchase the offer management module

Get your branded app in 7 days

Make customers get your own online store app. Let them shop from anywhere and at any time

Retailers who made extra orders, easy!

"Within 5 days, we have got our app developed and published in the play store with the help of Gofrugal. Now, 75% of our business sales are happening through our online store app with more than 100 orders per day. Our customers are preferring online ordering than visiting store."
ordereasy customers
Jai Jalaram Traders, Adilabad
"Due to the lockdown, we were forced to close down our store. Fortunately, with the help of Gofrugal, we have shifted from Whatsapp and phone call method of order taking and moved to their online store app. We saw instant results and were able to get 70+ orders right from the second day of lock-down. Today, we are able to deliver seamlessly to all our customers across town."
ordereasy customers
Mr. Anand
Mani Maligai, Pollachi
"The lockdown announcement scared us a lot. That’s when we sought the help of Gofrugal. Thanks to them, we have set-up our own online store app and we now serve more than 1,000 orders every day. And we expect to serve around 5,000 – 10,000 orders in the upcoming days."
ordereasy customers
Ajay Rawat and Vivek Singh
Smart Baniye, a Lucknow-based startup
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  1. Will the app name be "OrderEasy" or in my business name?
    The app is a branded one. It will be in your business name and brand logo.
  2. What does Set-up fee include?
    The set-up fee is collected to assist you with the following services:
    1. To guide you set-up an admin portal and bring your business inventory online
    2. To develop the app based on your name, logo and colors and upload on Playstore and App store
    3. To help you on-board to the solution by giving you personalized training of all the modules and help you to start receiving orders
  3. How long it will take to build my app?
    We want to ensure that you experience your branded app at the earliest. Once the sign-up, data sync configuration and playstore/app store developer account creation are completed and you share the app name, logo and account details, GOFRUGAL takes a maximum of 7 business days to complete the development and publishes the app on Playstore/App store based on your plan.
  4. Can I choose my preferred colors for app development?
    Absolutely. Colors play a vital role in UI design and you would definitely like to have the color aligned with your brand logo. You can choose primary and secondary color and experience a preview of your app in the admin panel before you raise a request to GOFRUGAL for app development.
  5. Where is my app data hosted on?
    All your inventory and transaction data are securely hosted on the most safe and reliable Amazon cloud server.
  6. Can I change my plan later?
    At any point in time, if you want to switch from the lower version to a higher version, you can upgrade the plan by paying the balance set-up fee and subscription fee for the remaining validity period. You can downgrade from the higher to a lower version. Please note that the balance subscription amount will be considered for the future subscriptions but will not refunded.
  7. I am planning to choose Pro pack. But can I sell 7k SKU's on my online app?
    While basic and pro plans offer you 3k and 5k SKU's respectively, you can still purchase SKU's based on your business requirement.
  8. Does GOFRUGAL charge any commission on my online sales?
    No. Unlike many vendors in the market, GOFRUGAL does not collect any revenue commission thus allowing you to cherish the hard earned profits.
  9. How many orders can I receive per month?
    Long answer - You will be able to receive as many ever orders your customers place
    Short answer - Unlimited :)
  10. Will I get both Android and iOS app?
    If you prefer to choose Basic plan, then you are entitled to Android app whereas Pro plan enables you to get both Android and iOS apps.
  11. Basic plan serves most of my business requirements. But, I would like to launch my iOS app too. Can I purchase iOS as an add-on?
    Yes. You can choose Basic plan and purchase iOS app add-on only.
  12. Can I modify the app name or colors later?
    Of course. With time, GOFRUGAL understands that you may want to change your app name or colors. You can modify them on your admin panel.
  13. What is PWA? How can my customers use it?
    It is a web app interface that’s optimized for mobile browsers that can be opened on mobiles without downloading the app. You can share your PWA link to your customers and it automatically loads the web app on their browsers. OrderEasy PWA offers the same easiness and breeziness as much as comfort and convenience to your customers when it comes to online ordering.
  14. Are there any hidden costs?
    A big NO. We believe in transparent pricing and the plans are designed so flexibly to help you determine and opt the right plan and add-ons accordingly to grow your online business.
  15. How do I manage my app settings?
    You will be given an admin panel where in you will be able to manage orders, banners, configuration, settings, app customization, marketing, data sync and many other processes.
  16. How can I import my products, prices and stock into my app?
    If you are using GOFRUGAL ERP, then the migration is going to be very simple. Since the app is integrated with your GOFRUGAL POS, it takes a few mins to sync the products, prices and stock into your OrderEasy app.
  17. I do not have product images. Will GOFRUGAL assist during the on-boarding?
    Yes. As of now, GOFRUGAL assists the supermarket and departmental store businesses with 10k+ product images which they can download and upload in bulk to their apps using bulk image upload feature.
  18. I am running 3 outlets. Should I get 3 different apps or can I manage in 1 single app?
    If you are a GOFRUGAL HQ or Cloud POS user, you can purchase the add-on of 3 additional outlets by paying the charges and connect your 3 outlets into 1 single OrderEasy app and your customers can shop from the nearest outlet.
  19. How can customers find my app?
    Your customers can find your app in 3 ways:
    1. They can search and download your app from Playstore/App store
    2. If you provide a QR code of your PWA/App, they can scan and download
    3. If you share your PWA link, they can visit your web app
  20. I am not using GOFRUGAL POS but I am interested in OrderEasy app. Can the app be integrated with my existing POS vendor?
    However, we would like to evaluate your request. Please write us at pre-sales@gofrugal.com