Please select the options to view the print profile library.

S.No Profile Name Module Transaction Printer type Profile Type Description Feedback
Steps to use Print Profile
Step:1 Search the Profile on URL Print Profile Library (Use filters for searching profile)
Step:2 Preview the profile by clicking on preview icon
Step:3 Download the profile by clicking the download icon. Profile will be downloaded in ".dba" format
Step:4 Steps for importing profile
  • A: Go to GOFRUGAL Easy Print Design
  • B: Go ot Profile Menu Select "Profile Import" or press F3
  • C: Click on "Browse" to select the profile [This will be the downloaded profile] Click on "Import"
Step:5 Edit the Profile [If profile does not meet all requirements]
  • A: Go to Profile Menu --> Click "Open" --> Select "Profile type" and "Profile name" from drop down and Click "Open"
  • B: Profile ready for editing [Edit profile as per needs]
  • C: CPreview or print the profile for the correctness
  • D: Click on "Profile" --> Select "Save and exit"
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