Online Purchase Order Management Software for Retail

Entire inward process made highly flexible, simple & intuitive

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Our POS solution comes with a purchase module which is very flexible to handle the entire inward process. Inward can be in the form of Goods Inward Note(GIN), Goods Receipt Note(GRN), Transfer In or Purchase Invoice.

Key Features

  • Customizable purchase supports user-defined calculations like discount, tax, freight & miscellaneous charges which ensures exact amount getting posted on supplier ledger
  • Automate the entire inward process like PO, GIN, GRN & purchase with comprehensive ERP software
  • Management of bundles via parcel entry. LR details & transport details are captured in parcel and purchase entry
  • Multi-state purchase supported along with C-form & F-form
  • Option to print difference for already printed invoice or get a duplicate copy
  • Adjust purchase return & expiry return at the time of purchase entry itself
  • Option to keep a certain purchase invoice on hold until discrepancy in it is resolved
  • List products pertaining to specific distributors for quick entry
  • Supports Conversion based purchase like buying in "n" units & selling in "n" units
  • Adjust credit notes given by suppliers on respective purchase bills
  • Option to Auto set selling price of products at the time of purchase based on mark up/mark down concept
  • Supports cash, credit, replacement & consignment purchase types and purchase can be configured to have tax included or excluded for invoices
  • Comprehensive order management helps to automate replenishment process
  • Instant access to analytical data of supplier such as previous purchase history, outstanding, turnaround time for delivery, etc
  • Complete tracking of purchase order vs supply for excess or short supply which lowers the capital blocked in unwanted goods
  • Flexibility to configure additional attributes that can be captured at the time of purchase entry
  • Complete tracking of dead stocks or goods in short supply which lowers the capital blocked in unwanted goods
  • Reorder can be done based on past 'N' number of days of sales, order based on minimum maximum stock level, minimum maximum days, price protection needs etc