POS Analytics & Reporting Software for Retail Businesses

Get actual numbers and analyze status on the go to support decision making

GoFrugal's report tool is very flexible, easy to use, fully customizable. It provides MIS reports that help decision making, analyzing the trends and competition. This helps you to know the current status of the stores, keeping track of various transactions, etc. This reporting tool includes more than 350 pre-defined reports and designed to take care of all reporting needs of any business. GoFrugal's Webreporter, an add on product gives you the ability to see reports on the Internet via browser from remote locations.

Key Features

  • Report personalization allows you to configure the reports ie. grouping fields in a report, customizing columns display order, related reports can be grouped/mapped and report filters can be customized
  • Reports can be added to "Myreport" for frequently viewed reports
  • All reports can be exported to Excel, HTML, PDF and mail formats
  • Comprehensive stock, sales and purchase analysis based on product, distributor, manufacturer, category and returned transaction
  • Supports generation of Inventory Analysis reports such as age analysis, product margin, category-wise stock and excess stock
  • Master data analysis like newly created customers list for a given period
  • Salesman commission analysis based on total value of sales, sales return, commission slab based or product age based
  • Generates list of Top N customer for month, non-regular customers, fast and slow moving products, dead stocks/non-billed products, inventory transaction, etc
  • Supports report scheduler and report security (reports can be configured by each user)
  • Supports Day end report for filtering the records on a given date for given bill types and choose the bill to edit (in Bill Entry Screen)
  • Generates other reports like Sales and Purchase tax, Price level, Price drop, repack, current stock, stock re-ordered, stock ledger, stock movement, etc
  • Users can create customized report templates by defining and selecting fields
  • GoFrugal ERP software also has an online reporting tool, called "Smart reports" which enables you to see the reports on internet via browser even when you're away from the store.