Managing restaurant inventory made simple and easy

Enable efficient, real-time inventory tracking and minimize your procurement expenses with Gofrugal's restaurant inventory management system

3 Unique Benefits of
Our Restaurant Inventory Management System

Preserve taste and consistency

Delight your customers with constant flavorful food, and track your ingredients from purchase to production to detect defective batches easily

Track and plan accurate purchases

Reduce purchase and wastage costs by tracking daily consumption of your ingredients and daily utilities like cleaning supplies without using complex calculations

Boost profitability with right pricing

Analyze your food costs thoroughly, identify your best-selling menu items, and determine the right pricing strategy to maximize your ROI

6 Compelling reasons to choose
Gofrugal's restaurant inventory management System

Manage your ingredients effortlessly

  • Facilitate the transfer of stock between your outlets and identify inconsistencies quickly
  • Maintain a fresh, healthy inventory by tracking the batch number and expiration date
  • Classify your greens and fresh produce into customized tranches based on their quality
  • Determine the root cause of food waste and minimize wastage-related expenses

Organize your flavorful recipes

  • Configure all of your recipes in one place and modify them with only a few simple clicks
  • Generate effective, requirements-based bills of material (BOM) for an optimized inventory management
  • Keep your stock levels updated with our automatic ingredient usage deduction feature
  • Understand your bestsellers and implement menu engineering to design profitable menus

Regulate your inventory levels

  • Customize the unit of measurement (UOM) values according to the ingredient type
  • Measure your ingredients precisely by mapping the conversion rates for multiple UOMs
  • Preserve safe stock levels and receive reorder alerts in case your stock drops below a certain level
  • Maintain accurate inventory records at the end of each day with GoSure, our inventory taking app

Plan your purchases precisely

  • Keep a close eye on your stock levels and schedule your purchases periodically
  • Stay on top of sourcing transactions by managing all your suppliers from a single screen
  • Update your ingredients costs on the fly with our intuitive price markup/markdown feature
  • Limit ingredient spoilage by choosing the optimal reorder date and quantity based on past data

Simplify central kitchen operations

  • Minimize wastage by transferring the appropriate stock quantity from the central kitchen to each outlet in accordance to its requirements
  • Organize your shelves based on the type and perishable nature of your inventory
  • Exercise control over the quantity and freshness of your semi-finished foods, such as the mother sauces
  • Calculate precise production targets and design production plans to improve productivity

Smarten your decision-making

  • Design your menu and determine your pricing by accurately analyzing your food costs
  • Stay in tune with your inventory levels with our regularly updated stock ledger
  • Detect ingredient theft and pilferage, and safeguard your inventory with our audit reports
  • Derive in-depth insights from your inventory data, and simplify reports with graphs and charts

Food businesses who trust
our restaurant inventory management system

One of the major expenses we had incurred earlier was due to wastage loss. With Gofrugal's inventory management system, we were able to minimize wastage by configuring the right quantity of ingredients required to prepare a particular food item. We are also able to manage orders across our various outlets in a simpler and easier way.

Abi Sweets

Mr. Arivu and Mr. Deepak, IT Managers

We got to experience how easier inventory management processes are after adopting Gofrugal. Be it purchasing and maintaining stock, or making payments to the vendors, Gofrugal's restaurant inventory management system has helped us in every aspect.

Tasty Kitchen

Mr. Jey Charan, Proprietor

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What is restaurant
inventory management system?

Restaurant inventory management is the process of planning, monitoring, and control of a restaurant's ingredient, food, beverage, and other ancillary items. It is a crucial component of managing restaurant operations. Restaurant inventory encompasses all the raw materials, supplies, and equipment utilized to prepare and serve delicious meals. Inventory management aims to cut down wastage, lower food costs, optimize menu offerings, and boost profits - while delivering a delightful customer experience.

Why do restaurants need
an inventory management system?

A restaurant inventory management system helps food businesses in many ways

Cost Control

Restaurants can effectively monitor their consumption and inventory levels with an inventory management system. This helps them prevent overstocking or wastage, and ensures they have the right stock quantity to meet the restaurant's requirements.

Optimized Menu

Restaurants can evaluate their usage and food costs, and evaluate which menu items are selling well. This can help them design their menu and identify which items to promote as their bestsellers.


Tracking inventory manually can be a time-consuming process which is also prone to multiple errors. With a restaurant inventory management system, the staff can monitor inventory easily and focus their efforts on other important tasks.


A restaurant inventory management system helps restaurants to maintain food safety and health standards by keeping a close check on the expiration date of perishable items and reminding the staff to replace them in a timely manner.

Forecasting and Planning

Restaurants can analyze their sales and consumption trends to predict the quantity of inventory they will require in the future. They can prevent running out of critical components by planning their purchases.

Online ordering

Cost Control

Optimized Menu

Time Saving


Forecasting & Planning

Key benefits of
restaurant inventory
management software

Accurate reporting

Menu optimization

inventory management

Reduction in
food wastage

Prevention of
theft and pilferage

Minimization of
purchase costs

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restaurant inventory management

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Simplify your restaurant inventory with Gofrugal's Restaurant
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