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Fortify your business data, secure sensitive stats, and prevent inventory pilferage with a complete restaurant POS security management software.

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POS Data Security
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A restaurant POS security management software is the best precautionary measure that you can invest in to safeguard your business data. Gofrugal's restaurant ERP focuses on providing a complete solution comprised of multiple security features with regularly scheduled updates. Our primary priority is to guard your business from security breaches and malware - and provide a safe support for your restaurant's success.

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Is POS Data Security a real necessity?

of employees have admitted that they have stolen from their workplace

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of restaurant sales are lost due to internal theft - either in the form of ingredients or cash

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of inventory shortages happen due to inventory mishandling and employee theft

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Indian firms suffered from a ransomware attack

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Why do you require restaurant POS security?

Prevent unauthorized data access

Restrict access to confidential business data on your POS system by customizing permissions for each user

Notice security breaches instantly

Receive real-time alerts in case of inventory shrinkage or employee theft on your POS system

Prevent ingredient theft and wastage

Keep track of your inventory continually with stock audit and approval mechanisms, and reduce pilferage and wastage costs

Record every sale transaction

Avoid double payments by keeping your cash flows in check, with an accurate record of sale & purchase transactions on your POS system

Monitor employee activity

Prevent employee theft and misappropriation of your restaurant's earnings through staff activity and system audit reports

Secure your recipes

Ensure optimal ingredient usage and protect your kitchen secrets through comprehensive and secured recipe management

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Purge every impurity, with Gofrugal's Restaurant POS Security

  • POS Session Security

  • POS Access Management

  • POS Audit Report

  • Session Management

  • Security Updates

  • Data Backups

  • Approval Mechanisms

  • MFA based login

  • POS Session Security

  • POS Access Management

  • POS Audit Report

  • Session Management

  • Security Updates

  • Data Backups

  • Approval Mechanisms

  • MFA based login

A screen lock for your restaurant POS system

Secure an ongoing session in case you leave the till with the screen lock feature using a strong password

Restrict functionalities based on user role

Assign the POS system features that a particular user can access based on their designation to avoid sharing information beyond the scope of the role

Monitor activity down to the last click

View every single action performed on your restaurant POS system through the audit report, with detailed information such as date & time, transaction ID & type, category etc.

Defending your cash drawer

Obtain a detailed summary of cash flow during each session, and discover missing denominations, if any, in a hassle-free manner

Revamping and upgrading your business armor

Enjoy protection against ransomware through regular security updates and keep your business updated with the latest technology

Saving every byte of your business

Prevent data loss & corruption by storing your data on your POS system through an encrypted local database. Adopt Gofrugal's GoSecure to enjoy smooth data backups on cloud, with zero human interruption.

Everything's fine, only if you verify and sign

Check important transactions related to daily operations such as inventory update or stock purchase to spot discrepancies and avoid errors while recording. Keep yourself posted regarding each activity in your restaurant.

Maintain the secrecy of your special ingredient

Evade suspicious login attempts and ensure a safe and intelligible login through multi-factor authentication using SmartAuth

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Cloud backup ensured, with Gofrugal GoSecure

Operating system (OS) crash, hardware failure, damage due to natural calamities, and data corruption can cause an unprecedented down time for your business - sometimes leading to a sudden shutdown. Prevention is always better than cure, and you can put your trust in GoSecure. Gofrugal's GoSecure saves a backup of your business data automatically and shields your valuable information from all virus attacks.

Every strong business takes years to build, but only seconds to fall prey to malware

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Overview of POS data security

What is Restaurant POS security?

Restaurant POS security management is an added layer of security to a POS system to prevent unauthorized access and theft of confidential data. The purpose of POS data security management is to provide a safe and secured environment for restaurateurs to run their business in a hassle-free manner.

Why should restaurants choose POS data security?

Restaurants require POS data security for many reasons:

  • Enables password creation for accessing screen operations for each individual screen
  • To keep a watch on the cash flow each day and avoid fund misappropriation
  • To avoid data loss and leaking of confidential data
  • To secure a cloud backup in case of hardware failure
  • To safeguard business from cyber attacks such as ransomware
  • To get a transparent picture of employee activity

Why choose Gofrugal's Restaurant POS security management software?

Gofrugal's Restaurant POS security management software shields your business from cyber attacks, protects your POS software, and prevents leaking of confidential business data into the wrong hands. Also, with Gofrugal GoSecure, your POS data is automatically backed up safely on cloud in the case of a system crash or hardware failure. With Gofrugal's POS access management, you can customize your software as per your security requirements and avert misuse of data.

What are the features of a good Restaurant POS security management system?

A good Restaurant POS security management system must comprise of the following features:

  • Enables password creation for accessing screen operations for each individual screen
  • Disables viewing or editing previous bills - these options being accessible only through passwords
  • Allowing only the top-level professionals to access confidential data and reports
  • Till management to track all the sessions of each counter at a single place
  • Approval mechanisms for stock and purchase updates to monitor ingredient inventory
  • Restricted access to recipe management to preserve confidentiality

How do I register for a free trial from Gofrugal's Restaurant POS security management?

You can download Gofrugal's Restaurant POS security management system by clicking the link below.

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