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Why Gofrugal's Recipe Management System?

Reduce Cost

By creating adequate recipe banks, we minimize errors and improve accuracy. Besides this, the software would automatically factor in ingredient purchase prices, which helps in deciding the right margins.

Better ingredient management

You could program ingredients and alternatives and use the best combinations based on the price trends of the ingredients. This helps you immensely, to use the lesser expensive ingredients and sustain your margins.

Easy to use

Gofrugal's recipe management system besides being accurate, is also user-friendly. With consistent updates from time to time, the usability is further fine-tuned with the changing requirements.

Maintain food consistency

If you own a multi-chain restaurant, the system would help you deliver consistent delicacy across your outlets and location with standardized recipes shared to all the employees.

Consistently rated as best app

Some key features of Gofrugal's Recipe Management System

Recipe Bank that captures a Recipe down to its relevant ingredients

Create Recipes out of Recipes (usage of one recipe as an Ingredient in another recipe)

Create your own 'Food Costing Report' for a specific variance

Dynamically create recipes with features such as substitutes, modifiers, style, design etc

Drill down on the exact recipe cost, based on the utilization and wastage at the end of the day

Track your effective UOMs for different ingredients such as KG, gram, liter, ml, piece etc. 'Ingredient Utilization', based on factors such as wastage etc.

Manage Central kitchen recipes such as Ice Cream, Cake etc. and Live kitchen recipes such as Coffee, Pizza etc

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What is a recipe management system?

A recipe is a well documented set of instructions for preparing a dish with the list of required ingredients along with the right measures of each ingredient and the method of preparing the dish.

The Recipe management system helps program the recipe of every dish that is made in the restaurant along with the right quantities, pricings thereby helping to arrive at the ideal quality of the dishes at the right food costing.

Top 5 reasons why a restaurant need a recipe management system

Control Food costs by managing Recipes

The Recipe management system helps you to forecast the ingredient prices, tracks the items consumed in a particular kitchen and estimates the right amount of required stock at any given time. This would help you to manage your daily consumption of ingredient materials be it a centralized kitchen or outlet based kitchen, there by effectively managing the inventory of raw materials including re-use of items wherever possible.

Manage unlimited number of recipes (Recipe Banks)

Create as many new recipes as you can and store in the system as recipe banks to use them seasonally based on material availability and customer's seasonal preferences. For example, you could go on for varieties of hot soups and delicacies during cold weather conditions and winter days. The same way you could provide innovative signature recipes of your restaurant to retain customer interests from time to time, besides managing their consistency of taste.

Menu engineering

The importance of data has been the watch word every restaurant from various perspectives, including food costing, profitability, customer preferences and market trends. Only through the deployment of a robust technology, you could analyse poor performing items on the menu, either re-constitute or eliminate them thereby reducing food wastage and costs.

Go for the right pricing for your menu

By effective recipe management you could start forecasting different material costs and predict the consumptions from time to time. The dish prices could be altered according to the consumption pattern of your customers. If you are owning a restaurant chain, it may require to price the same menu item differently based on your outlet's nature, it could be either take-away, self-service or regular service restaurant. Only an automated system could help you seamlessly manage this dynamic costing to fix the right pricing based on outlet

Innovate Menu items through Mix & Match

There might be high priced food items and there could be some food items that are relatively lower in price. Many restaurants provide many variants of the same menu items with mix & match options of either high priced meat items and lower priced vegetable, vegan variants. This way they could provide innovative dishes for the craving food aspirants at multiple price options to suit their pockets.

How do I automate my restaurant's recipe management?

Ask us for a quick demo and we will help you automate your recipe management to quickly gain control of your food costing thereby making higher profits.

Our happy customer says

One of the major expenses we had incurred earlier was due to wastage loss. With Gofrugal's inventory management system, we were able to minimize wastage by configuring the right quantity of ingredients required to prepare a particular food item. We are also able to manage orders across our various outlets in a simpler and easier way.

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