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Why is CRM Software a must-have in Restaurants?

An average of 9% of businesses lose customers due to a lack of proper Customer Relation Management. An efficient Customer Relationship Management Software helps you,

Secure Customer Database

Helps you arrive at wise business decisions and offer a customized dining experience to guests with end-to-end information on the number of visits, food preferences, and customer feedback.

Build Loyal Customers

Get new customers coming back for more and retain existing customers with customized offers and coupons on special occasions with specialized loyalty programs.

Reduce Marketing Investments

With automated marketing campaigns, restaurant CRM Software lets you engage with customers constantly, thereby reducing the need for external promotions.

Let's have a peek at CRM Stats!

of business sales come from repeat customers

of marketers use mobile as their primary marketing strategy to retain customers

of the restaurant's visits can be increased with Loyalty Programs

Customer Stories

Best Restaurants in town use Gofrugal's CRM Software

It's a great feeling to know that I am doing a business with a company that works with their customer to their satisfaction."

Dhyaan Kotak,

Sattva The Cafe

With Gofrugal's web reporter I am able to view restaurant's performance anytime anywhere, and able to spot revenue opportunities with insight on menu/items selling.

Mr. Abdullah,

IT Head, Aryaas

Inventory control is stronger, would rate it 9/10.

Mr. Nosir Modi,

Goodies Cafe

Features of CRM Software

Convert the way you engage with customers

Get to Know Your Customers Better

Capture the details such as Name, Address, Contact number, email id, and the number of visits of every customer to know them better and manage separate accounts to make their dining experience more special and customized on special occasions.

Be Omnipresent

The key to customer retention is constant engagement with customers. Gofrugal's CRM Software allows you to send automated marketing campaigns via multiple channels such as SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Push Notifications,etc

Send some extra cheese

Create various customer groups and cheer them up by offering special offers to customer referrals and making them revisit the restaurant multiple times by sending out personalized marketing campaigns on offers and discounts.

Offer rewards for loyalty

Let your customers enjoy birthdays, anniversaries, and every milestone of their life with extra loyalty points. Offer various free meals and desserts on special occasions to make them want to come back multiple times

Why should customers choose Gofrugal's Restaurant CRM Software?

With Gofrugal's Restaurant CRM Software, restaurateurs can experience seamless integration with any Customer Loyalty Program providers.

With Gofrugal's CRM Software, one can analyze the customer's food ordering pattern effortlessly and stock the right items needed, and deliver the orders right on time without delay.

Get timely customer feedback, improve food tastes and try out new recipes to enhance sales.

Record customers' purchase history, and surprise them on their memorable days to send customized offers and gifts even through home delivery.

Gofrugal's CRM Software doesn't require much software knowledge and can be operated with minimal skills and staff.

Start expanding your restaurant family by alluring more customers with Restaurant CRM System!

Overview of restaurant CRM Software

What is a Customer Relationship Management Software?

A Customer Relationship Management System is the central storage of all customer data that helps in personalizing service and staying in touch with customers to make them revisit the restaurant again. CRM Software in Restaurants helps to build an excellent rapport with the customer which is vital for business improvement.

Why do Restaurants need CRM systems?

CRM Software is a must-have in all restaurants as it acts as the binding factor between the restaurant owner and the customer. With efficient CRM Software, it is easier for restaurants to compete effectively and out beat their competitors. By constantly engaging with customers, customers will gain trust in your brand and there are increased chances of customer retention.

What are the advantages of using a Restaurant CRM Software?

  • Restaurant owners can easily track the customer behavior and their taste preferences which helps them create personalized dishes on special occasions
  • Enhanced Customer retention is one of the major benefits of CRM Software as customers are constantly notified of the new offers and discounts through various channels like SMS and push notifications.
  • Honest Feedbacks bring out the best results. With efficient CRM Software, it is easier for restaurants to know their areas of improvisation and expertise.
  • Everyone loves free coupons! With in-built loyalty programs, restaurant owners can offer reward coupons and loyalty points which can be redeemed by customers whenever needed.

How to download Gofrugal's Restaurant CRM Software?

You can easily download Gofrugal's CRM Software for restaurants by clicking on the link provided below.

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