Restaurant Inventory Management System

Manage End to End inventory life cycle, from procurement till utilization.

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Accurately forecast your inventory requirements and achieve increased capacity utilization with our inventory processing module that helps you avoid shortages and excess inventory positions

Key Features

  • Material consumption and wastage reports with utilized ingredient's batch prices
  • Calculate your current inventory value based on standard costing methods such as weighted average or average purchase cost
  • Easily track purchases bought from different vendors at different purchase costs, and buy from the right supplier at right cost. This leads to efficient purchase management.
  • Accurately measure pilferage through day-end auditing process
  • Efficiently manage your Assembly (Coffee, Pizza) and Kit (Ice Cream, Cake) functions
  • Ease out your stock taking activity by scheduling your daily, weekly, or, monthly, procurement plans with our physical stock audit methods
  • Stock outflow method supported FIFO and LIFO