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Solution Highlights

Centralized Kitchen Management

The module helps you to centrally manage recipes, dynamically create combos, track customer preferences for modifiers, toppings etc., as well as efficiently manage Live kitchen recipes (like Coffee) with Main kitchen recipes like (Ice Cream).

Ingredient & Wastage Management

Reduce wastage effectively by centrally managing your ingredients, as well as production process. This helps you monitor the inventory level at each stage of the production process.

Call Centre Management

Our web based sales order management tool helps you setup a centralized call center to receive phone orders. You can also map customers to specific outlet based on their address for efficient delivery.

Price Management

Outlet based pricing is just a step away. Easily arriving at pricing for different food items at each outlet by taking the local costing factors into account.

Faster Checkouts

Our 'minimal-keypress' bill processing module not only helps you save time & effort, but also process more transactions and generate more revenue.

Authorization and Auditing

Make the system foolproof by defining centralized user or role based authorization. You can also help point of sale staff fight fraud by synching up data real time between HQ and Branch.

Centralized Financial Accounting Management

With transactions made increasingly from HO, and collections deposited from the supply chain headquarters, getting better visibility on financial positions on cash and bank balances, as well as the need to do Budgeting becomes important. This module helps you with that.

Multiple Business Model Support

Supports modern retail businesses with multiple location presence under different formats like branch or franchise ie. Company Owned and Company Operated [COCO], Company Owned Franchise Operated [COFO].