Kitchen Display System (KDS) For Restaurants

A user-friendly kitchen order display system to simplify kitchen operations. Manage orders seamlessly and provide a delightful customer experience.

Simplify kitchen operations

Why must restaurants adopt KDS?

Delightful customer experience

Ensure your customers' happiness through faster order processing and improved service quality

Reduction in wastage

Decrease the dependency on manual efforts to process orders and increase your restaurant's profitability

Process multiple orders

Manage orders from multiple sources, including food aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato on a single screen in a seamless way

Zero missed orders

Eliminate the fear of missing out on orders and manual errors to improve order accuracy

Reduce paper and printer costs

Prevent printing kitchen order tickets (KOTs) on paper and save costs on purchasing printers and paper rolls

Share real time updates

Update real time status of food preparation and keep your front-of-house staff well-informed in advance

Improve staff communication

Enhance interpersonal communication between your staff and improve your service quality with zero discrepancy in communication

Facilitate work for kitchen staff

Prevent the need for your kitchen staff to memorize specific suggestions given by customers and help them prepare delicious meals

Experience Now

Why choose Gofrugal's Kitchen Display System?

Direct POS Integration

Guide every order placed to the kitchen seamlessly through direct integration with restaurant POS software

Order Categorization

View orders based on their source (table orders, online orders, sales bills) and their preparation status on a single screen

Alert Notifications

Receive notifications on new orders through distinct color-coded display and sound alerts

Customer Preferences

Note down customer's specific preferences such as addition or deletion of modifiers, portion sizes, allergens through detailed kitchen order ticket system (KOT)

Meal Pacing

Understand the preferred sequence of items to be served and optimize the delay time to prepare the meal

Multi Kitchen Split

Distribute the menu items amongst the respective kitchens without having to create a duplicate kitchen order ticket

Bulk Quantity Preparation

Check the total quantity required for a particular menu item and prepare it in a consolidated manner

Preparation Status Updates

Update preparation status with a single tap, and enable your chef to focus on creating delicious delicacies

Seamless kitchen operations with Kitchen Display System

Awards and Accomplishments

But, aren't KDS and POS the same?

While POS can be considered the overall boss, it cannot substitute KDS to improve your kitchen's operations. Here is the fundamental difference between the two:


  • A kitchen order display system, or KDS, is used for speeding up the kitchen operations in a restaurant
  • A KDS system is important for easing the pressure on the kitchen staff, as well as improving the communication between the front-of-house and back-of-house staff
  • Kitchen display systems help the back-of-house (BOH) staff, such as chefs, cooks, and other kitchen staff to view the orders, prioritize the menu items for preparation, and prepare the meals


  • A Restaurant POS software is used to simplify daily restaurant operations across various modules such as accounting, inventory, sales, billing, table customer relationship management
  • A Restaurant POS software is essential to optimize the complete business performance of a restaurant
  • A POS system is useful for the front-of-house (FOH) staff, such as stewards, wait staff, managers etc. It helps the FOH staff take and edit orders, settle bills, and provide offers and discounts

With a friendly and easy to use software like Gofrugal, we had grown our business by 30%, and we also grew our customer base despite the COVID-19 pandemic due to faster order processing. I recommend Gofrugal to all F&B businesses.

Ms. Priscilla Darshani

Manager, Jody's Restaurant, Fiji

Optimize your kitchen operations and deliver a delightful customer experience


What is a Kitchen Display System (KDS)?

A kitchen display system, or KDS system, is a software that helps you improve the order-processing speed of your restaurant. Upon integrating with your restaurant's point of sale (POS) system, it eliminates the need for paper and printers for transferring KOTs. It also improves staff performance and reduces the chances of missing orders.

Why do restaurants require a kitchen display system?

Kitchen order display systems are beneficial for restaurants:

- To reduce the delay in order taking during peak business hours

- To avoid missing out on any orders

- To record detailed inputs about customer preferences

- To receive a consolidated view of various menu items ordered

- To keep the wait staff and customers informed about the preparation status

How does a KDS work?

The basic workflow of a KDS is as follows:

- An order is placed by the customer, which is recorded by the steward on the POS system, or an order-taking app

- The kitchen order ticket is sent to the kitchen and displayed on the KDS screen, along with specific notes

- The kitchen staff starts preparing the meal, and updates the status on the KDS screen with a single tap

- Once the meal is ready, the kitchen staff updates the status as "Ready". A notification is sent to the steward / waiter

- The meal is delivered to the table, and the kitchen staff marks the menu item as "Processed"

What is a Customer Display System (CDS)?

A Customer Display System (CDS) displays the real time status of a customer's orders to the customer. When the kitchen staff updates the preparation status of the food at the kitchen, the CDS automatically displays the updated status. It helps in conveying the customers about the accurate wait time, and sets the expectation as well.

Why choose Gofrugal's Kitchen Display System software?

Gofrugal's kitchen order display system helps you reduce the turnaround time for your restaurant orders and deliver a delightful customer experience. Combined with our customer display system (CDS) software, you can ensure your customers are well-informed about the status of their orders. Gofrugal's KDS also provides multiple digital solutions in different modules to provide a contactless experience, such as QR code for digital menus, ServJoy - a steward order-taking app with real time menu and order updates.

What are the hardware requirements for Gofrugal's KDS system?

Gofrugal's KDS is an add-on license that can be purchased along with our Restaurant POS software. The hardware requirements for installing Gofrugal's KDS system are:

- A secondary monitor (2 in case CDS is required)

- External Display VGA card

- VGA/HDMI Cables

- Additional PC (optional)

Can I use Gofrugal's KDS on more than one screen?

Yes. Based on your restaurant setup and presence or absence of multiple kitchens, you can configure Gofrugal's KDS on more than one screen.

Can I use Gofrugal's KDS without an Internet connection?

Yes. You can connect your restaurant POS software with Gofrugal's KDS through a LAN connection.

How to download Gofrugal KDS software for free?

You can download Gofrugal's KDS software and sign up for a 30-day free trial now. Click the link below.