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A simple dashboard showing various restaurant reports and metrics

How do you write a restaurant report?

Restaurant reports are significant for every restaurateur to make intelligent business decisions. To write a successful restaurant analysis report, consider the following steps

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Determine your business objective

Know what you want to accomplish. Do you want to attract more customers? Do you wish to increase your sales? Make a list of your goals and aspirations.

Gather relevant data

After jotting down your objectives, you need to gather the important data required to measure them. It is crucial to know about your daily sales, staff performance, financial transactions, inventory status, offers and discounts etc.

Understand the market

You can boost your restaurant's performance with a solid grasp of your consumers and competitors.

Establish metric benchmarks

What ideal daily sales value do you wish to achieve? What optimum reorder quantity is required to minimize wastage? You can answer these questions by setting up benchmark values for each of these metrics.

Monitor performance

Once you have gathered the data and set metric benchmarks, keep an eye on your business performance on a regular basis (daily, weekly, or monthly) through restaurant performance reports. To discover areas of improvement, compare the actual restaurant data to the benchmarks you have created.

Why are restaurant reports important?


of restaurant owners say that using technology has improved the overall efficiency of their business

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saving in time spent for day-end tallying processes

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reduction in overall cost due to precise forecasting and minimal wastage

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What reports are required in a restaurant?

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Sales Reports

Sales reports provide an overall analysis of your restaurant's performance. These restaurant reports help you to discover trends related to your best-selling menu items, customer preferences, and your most profitable revenue streams.

Inventory Reports

These reports help you monitor the quantity and health of your stock, especially ingredients and raw materials which form the core of your menu items.

Production Reports

Production reports provide insights on the quantity of finished and semi-finished menu items prepared, the inventory quantity utilized, and if the ingredients are being used to their optimum value.

CRM & Loyalty Reports

This is one of the must-read restaurant analysis reports. CRM & loyalty reports help in understanding customer preferences and spending habits, enabling you to craft the right loyalty programs and offer delightful discounts.

Finance & Accounting Reports

Finance reports help you record your restaurant business's income and expenses in great detail. Additionally, these reports assist you in maintaining accurate transaction records and preparing for tax season.

Employee Performance Reports

Employee performance reports highlight the contributions that each employee has made to the company. You must manage your workers effectively while encouraging them to perform their best.

Costing & Wastage Reports

Costing reports enable you to understand the investment in procuring ingredients and other essential materials for your business. Wastage reports help you identify the losses incurred due to ingredient spoilage.

How does Gofrugal make restaurant reporting easy?

Keep the profits flowing in

Enjoy stable cash flows and make precise forecasts through our exhaustive sales data analysis. Identify peak business hours and train your staff to provide impeccable and delightful customer service. Discover insights on the highest-selling food category and the most profitable revenue stream, and devise your sales and marketing strategy based on solid data.

Gofrugal's GoAct product features

How does Gofrugal make restaurant reporting easy?

Sales Analysis

Keep the profits flowing in

Enjoy stable cash flows and make precise forecasts through our exhaustive sales data analysis. Identify peak business hours and train your staff to provide impeccable and delightful customer service. Discover insights on the highest-selling food category and the most profitable revenue stream, and devise your sales and marketing strategy based on solid data.

Inventory Analysis

Monitor your inventory without a worry

Keep a close eye on your inventory and stay informed about your ingredient stock and freshness. With detailed reports on current stock levels, identify the exact gaps in your inventory with ease and save excess costs by procuring precise quantities. Improve your bottom-line by minimizing wastage costs, and prevent ingredient over-portioning and pilferage.

Menu Analysis

Craft delectable menus

Find out your best-selling dishes through detailed reports on customer preferences, moving and non-moving items and menu item-wise sales. Update menu prices on the go, and boost your sales by creating combos based on what your customers love to order!

Customer Analysis

Keep customers coming back for more

Understand your customers' purchase behavior and preferences and formulate personalized discounts to retain loyal customers. Keep your customers informed about your new offerings, and attract new ones through timely giveaways.

Production Analysis

Analyze and produce precisely

Ensure a smooth production process by relying on production analysis reports. Double check on your recipe configurations and identify any errors in quantifying the ingredients required for your dish. Determine your pricing by reading the bill of material (BOM) reports which provide an insight on the preparation quantity and costs. Minimize excess consumption of ingredients by comparing the planned vs. actual production reports.

Accounting & Finance

Accounting is no longer a hassle

Track every single financial transaction, and view accurate records of your day books, ledgers, and supplier banking details. Prepare yourself for the tax season by generating financial statements (balance sheet, cash flow statement, profit and loss statement) and accounting reports with a few simple clicks.

Staff Performance

Encourage your restaurant staff

Through our restaurant performance reports, track the right metrics to set key performance indicators (KPIs) for your staff, and motivate them in the right way to increase productivity. Monitor the sales generated by your stewards, the number of tables served by your wait staff, and the turnaround time of your kitchen staff to process a kitchen order ticket.


Trace every single tap and click

Our restaurant reports help you be vigilant about your business data and secure sensitive information. Stay informed about every action taken on your POS through our audit reports. Ensure data protection by preventing unauthorized access, and keep track of your in-hand cash through detailed session management reports.

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Overview of restaurant reports

What is a restaurant report?

A restaurant report is a document that focuses on providing a holistic overview of the performance of a restaurant business. Restaurant analysis reports help you gain an insight on your daily operations, minimize risks and errors, monitor your progress, and discover areas of opportunity and growth for your business.

What are restaurant sales reports?

Restaurant sales reports help in analyzing the revenue streams of a restaurant and gain a holistic understanding of the business. These restaurant reports have a lot of information on the revenue generated, such as sales by menu category, customer, order type, and tender type. They help in understanding the time window where maximum revenue is generated, the best-selling menu items, and customer preferences.

Why should you choose Gofrugal ServeEasy?

Gofrugal's Restaurant POS software helps you in automating your restaurant operations and growing your business with the least training and minimal staff required. Gofrugal's Restaurant POS software comes with in-built modules to manage all aspects of your business - from reserving tables for your customers, to planning and monitoring your ingredients stock, to creating attractive discounts for existing and new customers. Gofrugal's Restaurant POS software also provides multiple digital solutions in different modules, such as OrderEasy for online ordering, GoDeliver for delivery management and WhatsNow for complete business assistance.

What are restaurant inventory reports?

Restaurant inventory reports keep a close check on the health of your stock, especially on the raw ingredients which serve as the foundation of your menu. These restaurant reports are loaded with data such as the opening and closing stock of every item on your inventory, inventory freshness status, details of stock updates made, and details of purchases (purchase invoices, quantity purchased etc).

What are ingredient cost and wastage reports?

Ingredient cost and wastage reports help in understanding the amount spent on procuring ingredients and the loss incurred due to their wastage. These reports contain crucial information such as cost price of ingredients and their freshness, expiry date, wastage quantity, and wastage type. These reports help a restaurateur to improve their planning for purchase and storage.

What are menu analysis reports?

Menu analysis reports cover every aspect of your menu, including the dishes on your menu that your customers crave, the food combinations that they would love to try, and the discounts and offers that make them feel delighted. These reports help in creating the right menus and boost sales of other items through upselling or cross-selling.

Why choose Gofrugal's Restaurant Reporting?

Gofrugal ServeEasy's restaurant reports help you understand your business performance through simple dashboards with deeper insights. With ServeEasy's restaurant reports, you will be able to identify your best-selling menu items to boost sales, monitor your inventory meticulously, delight customers with tailored offers and discounts, check your consumption carefully and plan precise production, and monitor your staff performance and any discrepancies on your POS system.

How to download Gofrugal ServeEasy for free?

You can download Gofrugal's ServeEasy software and sign up for a 30-day free trial now. Click the link below.

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