Gofrugal RetailEasy is comprehensive retail ERP that includes all Chain features from HQ to Outlet securely


Master Data Management

  • Create customized attributes centrally and push it across outlets
  • Create outlet group based on location, COCO, COFO, FOCO, FOFO and set outlet specific values for master
  • Maintain consistent data across outlets by merging duplicate values and push it to outlets as and when it is required
  • Inventory master supports multiple SKU types such as standard, serialized, matrix combination, gift voucher, kit, assembly, bulk, repack, parent, child, etc
  • Unified contact master for all the contacts such as supplier, customer, service provider, transporter, employee, etc
  • Unique packing hierarchy supports multiple packs and automatic packing unit conversion during inventory transactions
  • Area Masters enables capturing complete information required for delivery including zone classification, landmark, approximate time to destination, etc

Warehouse Management

  • Supports multiple warehouse for a retail store based on the location and convenience (from where replenishment will be done for the respective outlets)
  • Track inventory movement completely which includes indent request from outlets, receipt of the indents at warehouse, stock dispatch against the indent from warehouse, stock receipt at outlets, etc
  • Monitor stock in transit which is the quantity shipped from one outlet/warehouse to another outlet/warehouse but has not yet been received by the respective receiving entity

Supply Chain Management

Central Purchase
  • Track supplier performance, purchase order status, Goods Inward note status
  • Discrepancy reports for mismatches between PO and invoice, invoice and goods received. Get control of approving discrepancies from HO
  • Supports multiple EAN code for the same item, multiple prices for the same item, goods receipt based tracking, etc
  • Automatic stock selection from warehouse. Generate non-moving inventory reports based on date of receipt
  • Auto stock allocation on pro-rata basis, reduce damage with SUF and PUF based indents
  • Provision for setting outlet wise reorder quantity, minimum and maximum stock level for all items
  • Supports Replenishment based on the indent request received from the outlets, supports both franchisee and own outlet model
  • Outlet wise real-time inventory monitoring system at HQ facilitates effective replenishment by sensing the current stock positions

Price Management

  • Import / Export of price change for a number of items quickly, map the latest pricing to respective outlets with ease
  • Get control on fixing price by getting intimations when selling price is below landing cost, yields below expected gross margin or above MRP, when MRP is fed into the system
  • Change selling price based on category, product type such as parent/child/bulk/repack items
  • Retail price can be set as the base price level in terms of which other prices such as institutional customer price level, wholesale customer price level, web price level, etc. are defined

Outlet Administration

  • Configure business process and transaction centrally to suit your business needs such as control on item scanned, item discounts, bill discounts, price levels, rate selection, stock selection, salesman selection at the time of bill, customer details selection, etc
  • Freedom to franchisee outlets to operate by implementing centralized configuration for select stores, group of stores or in all stores based on business needs
  • Add tender types and configure the way the tender has to be accounted and processed at the POS from the central location
  • Manage hierarchical security settings based on roles and policies defined for employees
  • Create employee schedule, smoothly transfer employees from one outlet to other
  • Centralized masters and admin control gives you power to open a new store within a matter of 30 minutes

Comprehensive CRM

Offers, gift voucher and discount coupon
  • 70+ predefined offer families to meet all your marketing goals
  • Create outlet specific offers and run it for predefined validity
  • Create¬†Item based offers: Buy one Get one, Buy X Get Y, discount amount, discount %,¬†Bill wise, category based, combo offers, item group based offers
  • Find out the non moving items and run local offer / clearance sale
  • Create Gift voucher and discount coupon as a master in Head office and send data across outlets
  • Gift coupons/Discount voucher can be printed in desired format and issued to customers
Loyalty management
  • Create bill wise, item wise, category wise loyalty programs and map to respective outlets
  • Run loyalty program based on loyalty card or with mobile number Customers can acquire loyalty points from any outlet and redeem loyalty points at any outlet
  • OTP based authentication for Loyalty redemption
  • Configurations to set minimum loyalty point redemption limit, calculate loyalty based on tender type
  • Create and manage loyalty programs based on billing amount (Gold, Silver, Platinum etc.,)
  • Automatically Upgrade/downgrade customers from one program to another based on their buying pattern

Financial Accounting

  • Supports user specific classification of groups, ledgers and vouchers, multiple configurations for budget to capture the period for which budget applies, how the accrued amount for a budget is to be arrived at for verification at the time of voucher entry, etc
  • Centralized Bill-wise Payments for suppliers and customers,bank reconciliation management supports accounts in multiple bank branches of the same bank
  • Comprehensive reporting to manage accounts payable and accounts receivable including age analysis, graphs, charts, etc
  • Get Trial balance, Balance sheet and Profit and Loss accounts location-wise
  • Bill by bill adjustment including the settlement discount, other discount and charges accounted for in the right ledgers. Easily track and follow-up on the breakage, damage, expiry, non-moving, other returns and also the other credit notes from the supplier
  • Complete tracking of payment pending to cheque preparation, printing, issue to supplier and bank reconciliation
  • Set Alerts for payments and collections, outstanding

Security and Operations

Security and Audit
  • Centralised Control of all the stores, roles and users
  • Generate Audit report of all operations as per the audit configuration. All exception operations are always audited
  • Generate security reports at the HO level such as item void, bill void, cash drawer opening / closing, auditing of price lookup, aborted bill attempts, etc
  • Facilitates Encrypted data transfer - secure XML messaging for master data management, configuration, administration and retail business management between the head office module and retail POS
Operations Management
  • Generate data Synchronization / Outlet backup attempt Reports
  • Give data sync command from HO to any outlet to get the data sync done on demand, based on operations and business needs
  • Set up Automatic alert to your IT operations staff and/or software vendor on critical failure such as data sync failure, detection of system date change, etc

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