NetTrade B2H / B2B and WebReporter

A simple solution for small retail chains to do Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) and view reports from remotely

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GOFRUGAL has another cost effective solution for small retail chains. With this system you can do stock transfers between your outlets using NetTrade. This system requires internet connection only at the time of EDI. Our WebReporter helps you to view almost all reports from remotely using a browser.


Multiple Outlet Retail Solution - NetTrade and WebReporter in each location

NetTrade B2H / B2B and WebReporter in each location

HQ - Centralized Business Management Solution  |  POS - Point of Sale Management  |  WebOrder - Web based Order Management Tool for sales ordering  |  NT - Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) tool  |  DB - Database  |  (n) - Single or Multiple