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Barcode software to enhance the customer shopping experience!

Eliminate human errors

Never leave room for mistakes. Scan the barcodes and avoid manual errors in every business operation.

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Scan quickly, and accurately to reduce the checkout time and make more sales in less time

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Employees can master the store operations easily with Barcode scanning in minimal time without any dedicated training

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Ensure a great shopping with Barcode scans allowing you to smoothen stock audits, price checking, quick billing, and smart shopping

Make decisions with better clarity

Track all the data from inward to sale, and shipments with a single scan instantly to make the right decisions at the right time

Simple solution across operations

Configure item-based settings, help employees recognize and locate items faster, know price details and sell with confidence

Top 3 reasons why you need Gofrugal's Barcode generator software!

Minimal skill

Make the best with minimal staff with options to automate your operations like auto Barcode creation after purchasing that will save time, increase accuracy, and improve visibility across operations

Maximum productivity

Enjoy great productivity with minimum skills that contribute to easy data-oriented decision-making like alpha numeric symbologies, scanning piece wise barcodes to track and trace every operation in seconds

Majestic success

Taste the success with 100% accuracy and reliability in every business operation that prevents you from selling a product incorrectly, pricing wrongly, or editing the stock details with a mismatch using Barcode generated

Barcodes can boost your business too!

Barcodes help me connect with the customers easily, serve them equally and efficiently with customized discounts and offers. I am able to track all the slow-moving and fast-moving items, and give item-wise offers based on the barcodes. This helps me reduce my business losses and sell more. Gofrugal helps me to know the product details instantly with barcodes and to offer better customer service.

Sai Ram Bags

Mr.Gopal, Owner

Top brands trust Gofrugal to simplify their business operations

Highlights of barcodes based on your business needs!

Decrease in billing time with barcoding for super-fast checkouts

Accuracy in stock auditing with high speed scanning using barcodes

Reduction in time compared to manual order processing with Barcode based stock picking

Data from the research based on the customer usage analytics of Gofrugal's GoSure and SellQuick apps

Boost your business with the best Barcode generator software

  • Customize Barcode labels

  • Speak to your customers

  • Map design files

  • Handle bargaining better

  • Offer smart shopping

  • Control across operations

  • Print in local languages

  • Scan to save time

  • Customize Barcode labels

  • Speak to your customers

  • Supplier/ Vendor management

  • Handle bargaining better

  • Offer smart shopping

  • Control across operations

  • Print in local languages

  • Scan to save time

Customize Barcode labels

Not every Barcode has to be the same. Enjoy the freedom to design your Barcode based on your business needs by customizing font, size, shape, structure, visibility, accessibility, material and much more! You can create different barcodes based on categories, departments, items etc. You can gain more speed and simplify your processes with QR, and RFID codes as well.

Speak to your customers

Upsell your products by adding customized information based on the exact requirement that has to be displayed. You can add value to the barcodes by displaying the discounts, offers, and amount saved based on the MRP/Selling price!

Map design files

Apart from designing your own Barcode with Gofrugal POS, you can also import designs with PRN (Printer Output File) support. You can enjoy the freedom of using minute to mega-sized barcodes designed by your vendor and map them in a single go by configuring the expiry date as well!

Handle bargaining better

By knowing the product details with alphanumeric symbology, you can understand easily during product identification, logistics, inventory management, sales etc., without revealing the critical product information like purchase price in the Barcode by mapping the numerical values like price against alphabets. With the help of alphanumeric symbologies, it becomes easier to evaluate and make the right business decisions like accepting or denying the price negotiations and bargaining done by the customers.

Offer smart shopping

With weighing scale support, you can measure the weights of items and bill the corresponding values without compromising on the cost. With automation, there is no room for mistakes during calculation, human errors and confusions. Consumers can stay confident by evaluating the prices against the weight and purchase the products with confidence. Along with this, you can also scan the products based on the 'units', i.e. every quantity value will have a Barcode which on scanning will load the exact price details to offer a error-free and hassle-free checkouts.

Control across operations

You can create unique barcodes based on transactions, item codes, month-year-wise, or batch-wise. It is also possible to generate barcodes for the serialized items based on the IMEI numbers. In a single scan, barcodes will help you know the complete history of a product from receiving and stocking to sales and help you with every detail you want.

Print in local languages

You can print your Barcode stickers by designing the item details in the local language. With multi-language Barcode print support, you can expand your business in new regions without any hesitation and help out your customers shop well!

Scan to save time

You can gain more clarity and check the details of the offers/discounts given for any item you scan. Only the offers that are set will get applied automatically when you scan products that are applicable, and it prevents confusion and saves time during checkouts!

Your favorite Barcode generator software supports what you want!

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Barcodes might be bothering now. However, we are here to make it breezy!

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