Benefits of using Gofrugal's Retail Lifestyle store POS software

Intelligent BI for product/category wise, non-moving with weekly analysis of sales/profit margins

Business assistant

Know your top-selling products, top-spending customers, and other business insights with instant notifications

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Faster checkouts

Manage peak hour/festive season sales with mobile billing and help your customers bill on the go

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Sell more

Stay connected to your customers and be their all-time favourite shop by intimating offers through SMS & Email alerts

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Gain complete visibilty

Maintain different item types, categories, and different variants of the same item like brand, color, size etc with 100% inventory visibility

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Piece wise barcoding

Get all the transaction details in a single click by generating item-specific barcodes and assign unit-specific pricing using unique barcode

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Go digital

Utilize mobile billing and grow smarter by sending digital bills as PDFs through SMS, for better access and clarity

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Ensure profits in purchase

Understand the trends, know your inventory and purchase right based on forecasting the changing customer demands

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Get repeated footfall

End to end CRM with completely customizable 75+offer types, loyalty programs, discount coupons and gift voucher management

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Complete control on multi-location fashion shops with our Lifestyle and Fashion Shop management software

Redeem from any store - Centralized Loyalty, Gift voucher and discount coupon
Configure outlet specific offers, pricing from HO
Centralized Integrated Accounting
Centralized master data - Quickly go live with new store
Take sales order from HO, approve for specific outlet
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics.
POS Software for multi fashion store

Best managed Lifestyle and Fashion shops prefer to grow with GOFRUGAL POS, Find out why ?

E commerce integration for optical store

Integrate POS with your

E-commerce Business

Increase revenue potential and reduce operating costs

Simple and Easy Cloud POS for Lifestyle and Fashion

Using cloud POS software for Lifestyle and Fashion shops take critical decisions with real-time insights about the store anytime from anywhere

Now, it's "sign-up, set-up and serve"

E commerce integration for Electrical store
Best POS system for Lifestyle and Fashion shop intertwined with Sales, Purchase, Inventory, CRM, Accounting, and Reports. With the Lifestyle store POS system, you can enhance customer retention rate with advanced CRM tools and manage single or multiple Lifestyle and Fashion stores with 100% inventory control. Download 30-day free trial software and experience it.
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Overview of Lifestyle and Fashion POS software

  • What is Lifestyle POS software?
    A Lifestyle store POS system automates the store administration and improves business profits. It is responsible for sales, purchase, inventory management, finance, and accounting. A Lifestyle POS software keeps track of all your business activities digitally, without any errors, and generates detailed reports that will help you make accurate decisions about your business. You can maintain different categories in Fashion store software and create unique barcodes for each and every item in your inventory.
  • Why do Fashion shops need a Fashion shop POS System?
    The Fashion store POS software is a solution for maintaining inventory, managing customer loyalty, and generating accounting reports as well as helps you manage multiple outlets with accurate inventory monitoring, can also bring in more customers through CRM activities. The Fashion store software helps you create categories to align items appropriately and it allows you to integrate with e-commerce platforms. It helps you set different prices according to size and design with the price rule, hence you can automate the pricing patterns without affecting the margin.
  • Benefits of using a Lifestyle & fashion Shop Management Software
    Having a Lifestyle and Fashion shop POS software helps the stores to,

    - Achieve high productivity with sales, purchase, inventory management, GST filing and accounting

    - Add different categories and subcategories to add the items under it which will be easy to manage like size, color, brand, and different combinations

    - Increase customer retention rate by providing offers and engage with the customer by sending the update of new stock arrivals through SMS and Mail

    - Control the business operations of multiple outlets from a centralized system and generate reports to get more insights and make on-time business decisions

    - Sell items as a combination or a pack using assembly kit management to provide a standard and customized purchase experience to your customers

    - Generate unique barcodes for each item also uses EAN as its barcode for branded items with no barcode generation

    - Reorder inventory with automated reorder reminder whenever the stocks reach the minimum value which helps in refilling the right stock at the right time

  • What are the retail stores covered under Gofrugal's Lifestyle & Fashion store POS?
  • Why is Gofrugal the best Lifestyle Shop POS Software?
    Gofrugal's Lifestyle store POS software provides solutions and makes businesses get transformed digitally to manage all your business operations effectively. Gofrugal's digital mobility solutions for stock counting, refilling, billing, stock inwards, online ordering, delivery, and many more to automate and offer accuracy in every operation of your business. With Gofrugal's Lifestyle POS software, you can manage all the items under a category based on the size, colour, brand, and other variants to bill in a click with using the item-wise barcodes. The Lifestyle POS software from Gofrugal can help you generate unique bar codes for all items and can also provide barcode-based discounts. You can generate graphical reports to analyze the business performance anywhere anytime. Accept returns quickly by easily scanning them instead of using bills. Gofrugal's Fashion POS software would help you establish a different price for the same product to sell wholesale and retail platforms. In addition, Gofrugal POS is designed to grow your business, helps manage several stores, delights your customers by providing deals.
  • How to download free Lifestyle & Fashion POS Billing software from Gofrugal?
    You can download Gofrugal's Lifestyle store POS software by clicking below.