Software Solution for Multi-outlet Sales & Distribution

Comprehensive software solution for multiple location sales and distribution business to manage their entire down stream supply chains like C&A/C&F, stockists and super-stockists. The loosely coupled web based solution helps you to manage your chain network and take informed decisions from anywhere with complete visibility on sales and stock.

Pharma & Healthcare Management multiple store solution highlights

Business Boosters

  • Alerts

    Send SMS/Email from your
    business management
    software more...

  • SmartReports

    Web based reporting tool
    that assists you to keep track
    of the activities more...

  • WebOrder

    A web based tool which is
    designed to increase your
    productivity more...

  • EarnSmart

    Take advantage of mobile technology to realize cost and time saving benefits more...

  • WhatsNow

    Get complete purchasing power by knowing Stock & Returns in one tap more...

Built specifically for multi-outlet Sales & Distribution chains, GOFRUGAL's solution takes care of complete operations with features such as Centralizing Pricing, stock taking, decentralized tax management, Area specific promotions, and so on.