Scheme Management System

Implement promotions & loyalty programs with ease to engage customers

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Attractive promotions and schemes are a sure shot way to increase sales. Our CRM solution supports 64 different types of promotional offers. It also enables you to implement manufacturing companies offers & yours own promotions as per need.

Key Features

  • Create promotional offers in ERP system for a specific period of time with validations, a specific item or group of items
  • Option to offer free product/service or discount, different combo offers & exclude low margin items from loyalty programs
  • Customize promotions based on happy days/hours and first 'N'th customer
  • Configure special discount offers based on bill value
  • Create loyalty programs with slab-wise points & proper date validations
  • Manage loyalty programs from definition to redemption based on card, cumulative purchase over a period, accumulated loyalty points, excluding products from loyalty, etc
  • Supports third party loyalty programs such as Capillary, Customer Inspire and Telibrahma.