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Point Of Sale System

POS System features to automate, measure, manage and grow

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Different POS System editions for different needs

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Automating business communication

make it easy with our NetTrade EDI tool

  • Sending out multiple files and communication - purchase orders, purchase returns etc., to different recipients in other outlets or business? Imagine the time involved, manual errors possible at both ends & the time in monitoring accuracy?
  • Now what if all this was done in a click of a button? Data encrypted, automatically split and reaches the designated recipient without their need for re-entry?
  • Well, that's the power of NetTrade EDI tool. Giving you the competitive advantage with faster and accurate communication

Centralized multi-store and chain business management

HQ Hybrid, a centralized multi-store management solution for retail and restaurant business, provides realtime monitoring to outlet-wise sales, purchase, inventory etc along with consolidated data allowing the freedom to make transactions and take decisions on the move
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Multi store pos system
Ecommerce pos integration

POS System Integrations

Freedom to choose from the specialists - from online store integration, loyalty programs, card payments, SMS and more
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POS Report app with simple Q & A

Make the right decision all the time with anywhere access to right information



Improved customer service, with table turn around time

Joy to your stewards and customers alike



For Retailers

Reduce your lost orders & increase order value, How?

GOFRUGAL has allowed me to make my inventory control stronger, would rate it 9/10. In past 8 years my billing has never stopped. Am going to expand PAN India through Goodies franchises with GOFRUGAL HQ solution

Mr. Nosir Modi

Sterling Foods - Goodies Cafe