Solution Highlights

One point Master Data Management
Offline Billing Process

You conduct the operations at the outlet using internet to connect with the Central server at HO. Even if the internet is down, you can carry out the activities & data gets automatically synchronized with HO once internet connection is regained.

Billing process independent of internet connection
Outlet wise replenishment through Indent

Outlets promptly raise indent & send it to HO. With HO's adequate stock, it makes a stock transfer out entry against the indent. If it is out of stock, the indent is converted into PO & sent to supplier. The supplier delivers the goods at the outlet against the PO.

Outlet wise replenishment through Indent
Data synchronization across outlets

HO can define & fix the time interval for back up from the outlets. Data synchronization happens seamlessly at the said interval thereby conferring higher control over operations. Deviations can be spotted and corrective actions can be taken immediately.

Seamless data synchronization across outlets
Min & Max quantity updation of stock

HO can update the minimum & maximum quantities for every product & outlet and it can vary across outlets in line with their inventory turnover ratio. This feature helps HO in raising automatic re-order through PO to supplier once the stocks reach minimum levels.

Minimum & Maximum quantity updation of stock
Consolidated Financial statement of Outlets

This is can be viewed in real-time with every minute and specific detail. Outlet-wise profitability can be determined which gives useful insights to decide what went wrong and initiate corrective measures.

Centralized Offers & Promotions management
Centralized Offers & Promotions management

HO team can design and implement Offers and Schemes for the products based on stock movement pattern and customer shopping mood in a particular outlet or all outlets. The offer can be withdrawn anytime with just a click of a button.

Centralized Master Data Management
Centralized Master Data Management

All master data can be managed centrally from the HO & any additions/modifications can be done only at HO which ensures uniformity of data, item codes and barcodes across all the locations. You can also create masters at Outlets and transfer it to HO.

Outlet wise budgeting & voucher approval
Outlet wise budgeting & voucher approval

Depending on historic data, HO can set budgets for Sales, Variable Costs and Overheads for Outlets. Any transaction which exceeds the budget can be processed only after the approval from the HO. Approvals can be for GIN, Expense Vouchers & Payments.

Supports multiple  business model
Audit trails & Reports

Foolproof control can be established over outlet operations, salesperson and their perations at the billing counter. Non recurring events like bill edit, bill cancel, misappropriation of funds/stock can be reviewed at HO to take corrective measures.

Centralized offer & promotions management
Multiple business model

Multiple business models like COCO, COFO, FOFO can be maintained and operated with ease and comfort. Completely scalable solution implemented at both HO and Outlets with intelligent EDI tools, facilitates in getting clarity on the business and its operations.

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