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Effortless and error-free mobile stocktake app for complete inventory control. Everyday!

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Mobile stock take app Mobile stock take app

When your stock is right,
You sleep tight!

50% time-saving

Stocktake during lean hours with one-click reconciliation, everyday

100% accurate

Accurate user-wise, location-wise and batch-wise counting

No training required

So easy, even least skilled person can start counting straight away

Real-time monitoring

Live stock updates to correct your inventory

Smart planning

System-driven daily stocktake tasks for your employees

Assured customer satisfaction

Right stock at the right time and right place always

Make your picking process easy, error-free and hassle free

Pick all your omnichannel orders with scanning, for super-fast and accurate deliveries every time. Free-up your supervisors with automated order processing, checking live order status updates from anywhere.

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Bet you won't find these features from anywhere else

System-driven stock-taking tasks

Machine Learning based inventory analysis to automate stocktake

Expired and damaged goods tracking

Track expired and damaged goods to ensure ever-fresh stocks

Automatic stocktake duration prediction

Improve employee efficiency with predicted stocktake duration

Stock counting with live billing

Receive transaction updates with live stock counting

Intelligent posting of mismatches

Experience direct posting of discrepancy with amount

Easy integration with your ERP for easy stock counting

Not using GOFRUGAL ERP but interested in GoSure?

Don't worry, getting a complete inventory control is just one step away

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Mobile purchase entry from anywhere Mobile purchase entry from anywhere

Not just stock counting, simplify many business operations with GoSure!

Perform Goods inward and Stock refill in mobile to gain complete inventory control

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Customers who count on us

My employees started using GoSure with very minimal training. I'm able to save 50% of stock counting time by performing it during business hours with simpler and easier reconciliation

Ranjith S

Owner, Ranjitham stores

GoSure gives me 100% accuracy in stock audit. Employee errors have gone down drastically and I'm able to save a handsome amount of employee cost by daily stock counting while billing

M F Jainul Abideen

Managing Partner, Kanchi supermarket

I no longer wait for year end stock counting as I'm able to perform comfortable stock counting every month with minimised discrepancies


Proprietor, Udhayam supermarket

I'm able to monitor the stock auditing across 12 outlets centrally. Now we have complete stock control with increased employee productivity and there is no out of stock as well over stocking

Senthil Kumar

Manager, Shivling supermarket

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Real-time monitoring of stocktake activities for quick reconciliation

Pick the platform of your choice


RAM - 2GB and above

Windows 7 and above with 64bit OS

Hard disk space - 150GB and above

Android: Mobile | PDA | TABLET


ANDROID 5 and above

Camera quality - 8 MP and above


  • How can I monitor stock counting activities from anywhere?
    Access the web application of GoSure from anywhere, anytime to monitor stock counting activities with real-time reports
  • Does the mobile app come along with the web app?
    Yes, the mobile app and the web app is a packaged solution. Now count stock with billing on the go in mobile app and do real-time monitoring with instant actions and one click reconciliation with web app in-parallel
  • Does GoSure support all item types?
    GoSure supports standard and serialized type of inventory classification. For matrix combination and I/U medicine item combinations, the support is in progress.
  • Does GoSure support QR code scanning?
    Yes, QR code scanning is supported both through mobile camera scanning and through QR code handheld scanners.
  • Can I do data reconciliation after 1 week of inventory counting?
    Yes, you can. GoSure will always calculate the inventory difference before updating the stock. However, we strongly advise to update inventory data everyday.
  • Will I be able to export the reports as spreadsheet or PDF file?
    Sure, you can export any report as spreadsheet or PDF file, anytime.
  • What if the product scanned does not have any stock discrepancy?
    The product will still be shown under the correct stock category in reports which need not be reconciled.
  • How will the count be taken if I count the same product under various locations in the store?
    GoSure has customizable configurations that will help you sum up the quantities counted across locations or over-write the quantities as per the situation.
  • Will the stock be updated in my system stock directly from mobile after counting?
    No, only the counting can be performed in the mobile app. Reviewing and reconciling can be done only in the web app by the appropriate authority.
  • Do I get separate accesses for the mobile app and web app?
    Ofcourse, the stock taker role can have separate login credentials for the mobile app and the web app user will have a separate login credentials for the web app based on security purposes.
  • Can I use the app license in another device in case of any employee unavailability?
    Absolutely, we provide device mapping functionality for users to map or unmap any device at any point of time based on employee or device unavailability.

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