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Assured product delivery process

  •  Product Delivery
  •  Product Delivery
  •  Product Delivery
  • You need to know all
    Timeline of training and delivery session planned, progress made and check history of engagements
  • You have the flexibility
    Having other priorities? Do not worry, you can reschedule session in advance, saving both our time
  • Learn, practise, be happy
    Learn by practising, confirm your learning and rate your satisfaction levels on every engagement
Rate your happiness
ensuring you get the best experience out of every engagement with us
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Fast implementation without any interruption to your business

Become confident users of our products

Fast implementation without any interruption
Knowing each other our qualified consultants and your single point of contact have an introduction call to understand you, your business and the health of your computer and hardware
POS software implementation training
Share and schedule with goals
mutually we discuss and finalize the date and time for implementation and training
POS training schedule
POS software learning by practicing
Learning by practicing you practice the software in the guidance of our consultants and practice it till perfection
POS implementation satisfaction feedback
Satisfaction guarantee
every training session conducted, you give feedback, rate happiness levels and only then we move forward
POS implementation satisfaction feedback
POS training sessions review
Become a
confident user
confirm all your training sessions until satisfaction and enjoy the benefits to your business by being a confident user
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Qualified professionals helping you achieve

The best out of your business

Gofrugal POS implementation more than 25000 shops
Qualified best POS consultant
Gofrugal implementation
Gofrugal consulatant trained 1,20,000 business users
Installed 30,000+ Retail businesses and growing
New Retail business
First time Software users
Software replacements
Request for call back
POS implementation happy customer rsk pharma, India
Gofrugal's qualified delivery team not only implemented the software in 2 days, but also told us the industry best practices and also helped us executing it. Totally we had 3 training sessions, after each session we could give feedback through myGofrugal app and only after our satisfaction, next session was conducted
RSK pharma - India

POS training happy customer - cock tail, India
Gofrugal HQ solution has made my administration simpler by reducing my team size and frequent travel to all my stores
JD Supermarket - Kenya and South Sudan

You can change to Gofrugal software in 5 easy steps

Without affecting your business

5 steps migration process for existing software to Gofrugal POS
  1. Filling up our smart quick migration excel sheet on your stock, customer and supplier data and their respective balances
  2. Your current barcodes will continue to work for Gofrugal as well, no manual labour involved in pasting new barcodes
  3. Familiar shortcut keys used by your employees can be set in Gofrugal software also so they can learn and bill quickly
  4. Accounting ledger closing balances will be migrated to Gofrugal accounting module giving you complete accuracy from your 1st transaction
  5. You can also verify the migration, provide a confirmation and only then we will move it from test environment to live

Edition vs Service hours


4 hours training


6 hours training


9 hours training

Note: Price mentioned is online and local service only, ex-station and out-station charges will be additional
# There is so much one can derive out of our products, so many features that can be implemented to your business based on your needs. To make the best out of our products we recommend that you pay and buy additional hours for our services and benefit more.
* Inclusive of local taxes

Solution Delivery Process for Chain business

Systematic implementation steps with expertise in business specific processes

The very purpose of Gofrugal Solution Delivery is:

  • To deliver you the right checks and balances
  • To keep your system in good health
  • To deliver you the right information at the right time that helps you decide your business performance
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Solution delivery process

Can data migration be that easy?

Import new / previous software data into Gofrugal ERP with least skills

Gofrugal ERP

For a seamless migration

  • - Input data as per our 'Excel' template
  • - Validate data in the excel template before migration with one click
  • Masters module - Verify all mandatory attributes
  • Inventory module - Verify batch, expiry details, stock value, stock worth etc...
  • Accounts module - Verify ledger and closing balance
Learn how
Note: Verifying and approving the data to be migrated is the responsibility of the customer before migration.
In case of assistance, our consultant will perform migration as per our training charges policy
S.noDescriptionStandard installation and Training
1Business questionnaire and Hardware assesmentPOS Hardware assesment
2Gofrugal application installation in server and clientsPOS installation in server
3Gofrugal license activation on server and clients asper order termsPOS license activation
4Training on how to access training,support and maintenance resoures such as video tutorials, print profile library, kbase, troubleshooting guide ect.POS Training guide
5Master Migration using Gofrugal's MIT / Custom toolMaster Migration - MIT tool
6Customized Print profile creation as per customer needPOS Print profile creation
7Installation of any hardware including POS Accessory such as Barcode printer, Barcode scanner, Weighing scale (Normal), Weighing scale (With Barcode printer), Pole display, Cash drawer, Smart card, drivers of these devices, configure & its issuesHardware Accessory issues
8Installation of 3rd party software including OS, Anti-virus, firewall, SQL database installation, configuration, training & its issuesInstallation of 3rd party software issues
9Data Entry, verification and related issuesData Entry verification issues
Standard product delivery

Service will be covered under standard product delivery

Standard product delivery

Service does not come in scope of Gofrugal's standard product delivery. Service can be availed by paying and buying additional service hours for those additional services

Other services

Customers is 100% responsible. Gofrugal does not provide these services.

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