Perfect purchases and soaring sales
with powerful reordering solution

The Eye is an Artificial intelligence and Machine learning based autonomous tool to make efficient purchases and
interstore transfers with almost no manpower but with the highest accuracy ensuring reduced investment by utilizing
the on-hand inventory effectively

Automate my purchases
AI and ML based reordering solution - The Eye

Meet The Eye, your accurate, tireless and efficient purchase manager

Experience smart reordering in least time,
minimum efforts and maximum accuracy with The Eye

Accurate and autonomous
purchase execution

The Eye learns your business data, predicts the demand expected, and prepares
re-ordering recommendation based on AI and ML based algorithms, assuring accurate business decisions.

Lesser planning
and execution time

The Eye classifies items based on their importance, and does purchase and production planning with minimum human effort and least time, thus reducing the overall operation cost significantly.

Reduction in wastage
and expired stock

The inventory is optimized and racks are filled as per the need of the customers, thereby delighting them with required items always, leading to increase in the sales and cut down in loss due to wastages and expiry.

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Run your business with minimum investment and maximum profits

The Eye does demand forecasting based on past sales, as well as recommends inter-store stock transfers based on requirement in outlets, ensuring the inventory is utilized wisely and inventory carrying cost is kept minimum.

Fill your racks with optimum quantities and avoid stock outs

The fast moving items are planned more based on the demand and seasonality, and the non-moving items are planned for lesser quantity automatically, ensuring optimum purchases without any instances of stock outs.

Make informed purchase decisions and increase the cash flow

The Eye rules out the necessity of a dedicated purchase manager and team to manage purchases and it makes accurate and smart purchase decisions, thus improving the cash flow in the business all round the year.

The Eye saves a pile of money such that you can run 5 stores at the cost of running 4 stores

For every Re.1 invested in The Eye, it easily saves Rs.3 in return

1 in 7 ATMs in India are currently replenished using the forecasting and planning capabilities of The Eye


Automate your purchases, increase your sales
and grow your business

Daily reordering, smart stock allocation and deviation tracking

Perform demand sensing for stock replenishment at stores and make replenishment by setting up warehouse scheduler

Make daily reorders for fresh items and regular reorders for seasonal products based on the demand

Enjoy smart allocation of stock based on their sales and lead time and plan the repacking at the warehouse for privately labelled products

Facility to set multiple warehouses by assortment, geography or combination of both

Replicate the existing running store while opening new store and kick start purchases immediately

Track the deviations in planning by The Eye to retrospect and close the gaps from next time

demand sensing, reordering for fresh items, stock allocation, seasonality planningdemand sensing, reordering for fresh items, stock allocation, seasonality planning

Autonomous purchases and alternate purchase planning

Set up the purchases in auto-pilot to raise POs, and to do warehouse replenishment autonomously

Schedule reminders to suppliers to communicate purchase orders that are yet to be received or going to expire

Track the POs daily based on priority and identify open, expired, under-serviced and dumped POs

Maintain supplier schedules for better control over order cycles and ensuring optimum stock always

Perform alternate purchase from secondary suppliers when purchase from primary supplier is not possible

Flexibility to mark different primary suppliers for same product based on store, cluster or chain to handle local delivery against a central purchase

autonomous daily reordering, purchase order tracking, alternate purchase planningautonomous daily reordering, purchase order tracking, alternate purchase planning
autonomous daily reordering, purchase order tracking, alternate purchase planning

Stock Audit, dormant items, and UOM handling

Identify items that are to be audited considering their inventory holding pattern and sales

Set the stock audit planner to do audits continuously so that The Eye can learn the pattern and recommend the daily list of articles to audit

Know the items that are not selling (dormant) and take action to deactivate them for next purchase or introduce them as new items with fresh codes

Identify the dormant items that are selling in one/few store(s) and distribute them to outlet(s) where the same item is selling well, so that stock is managed efficiently

Ability to set minimum order quantities and minimum order amount on supplier schedules

Automatic picking up of UOMs based on previous purchase history and get recommendations on UOMs for suppliers and internal transfers

stock auditing, setting UOM and MOQ, action on dormant items, stock redistributionstock auditing, setting UOM and MOQ, action on dormant items, stock redistribution
stock auditing, setting UOM and MOQ, action on dormant items, stock redistribution

Item tagging, festival planning, and constraint listing

Know the nature and characteristics of items with multiple special tags given based on the operations and sales data from the past

Identify the priority and importance of items in your business and business value using Pareto analysis

Ability to setup presentation stock for the store in terms of days of stock or MRP limits

Plan the purchases and events for festival promotions and also track the operations at ease

Know supply and replenishment constraints in factors such as lead time, supply cycle, holding days etc

Mirror the existing stores having a large build-up of data on festivals and events, and kick start the festive sales and promotions in new stores

item tagging, presentation stock, festival planning, store mirroring, pareto analysisitem tagging, presentation stock, festival planning, store mirroring, pareto analysis
item tagging, presentation stock, festival planning, store mirroring, pareto analysis

Stock holding, stock transfers, and stock out estimation

Get visibility on no. of days current stock can last, with insights on Supplier fill rate, Supplier classifications and PO relay

Ability to estimate the out-of-stock ahead of time and perform data prediction automatically to meet the demand

Make proactive analysis on the reason for stock out to happen, and know the estimated business loss for stockout instances

Get Transfer Recommendations for sending stock from one store to another, thus balancing stock between chain stores

Track the interstore transfers as well as infer warehouse planning and execution excellence

Periodic analysis of suppliers who have not supplied for long time, helping to reactivate and deactivate products as per need

proactive out of stock, interstore stock transfers, stock holding, warehouse planningproactive out of stock, interstore stock transfers, stock holding, warehouse planning
proactive out of stock, interstore stock transfers, stock holding, warehouse planning

What do our customers say?

The Eye relentlessly analyses every article and demand plans with great accuracy. I've cut my inventory by ~20% even with my business growing, reduced wastages while also increase sales and cut down human time on analysis and errors. Artificial intelligence provided by 'The Eye' has become paramount to my business and I am enjoying it a lot!

Daily Needs, Pondicherry

Mr. Vinodh Jain, Co-founder

In just a month of deployment, The Eye has brought down the stockout conditions in our chain. The Eye’s capability to identify articles purchase/repack has immensely helped my buyers to save a lot of time and works on what really matters - quality. Working with AI truly yields the right benefits and more importantly remains with us.

Raja Shopinn, Chennai

Mr. Murugan, Founder

The Eye has learnt with time and drives two core aspects of my business, its made uber easy, the replenishment of my stores, production planning my private labelled products and ordering to my suppliers. It predicts and auto handles lead time, new articles, seasonality etc with ease. Managers at my stores now only focus on customer service!

Bansal Super Store, Lucknow

Mr. Tushar Bansal, Founder

Few brands who experienced business growth with our reordering solution

Overview of automated reordering solution

What is reordering?

Reordering is the process of placing an order for the same item that has already been purchased. In other words, it is an act of making a repeat purchase to refill the racks or warehouse in order to meet the customer needs. Reordering of items is done when the inventory reaches below the critical level.

Why is reordering important?

Reordering ensures inventory lasts until the next purchase and helps to assure on-time replenishment before inventory runs out, thus helping to fulfill the continuous demand from the customers. Reordering before stock outs happen helps to service the customers even during extreme instances in item production, delivery constraints, and unpredictable external factors.

What is The Eye?

The Eye for automatic reordering is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based solution, that helps both standalone and chain businesses to plan their purchases based on demand and seasonality, improve their inventory mileage, save business loss caused due to stock outs, and make replenishment operations, planning and tracking so simple and easy.

How to use The Eye effectively for reordering?

  • Set your masters right by making proper item supplier mapping and mapping up the primary supplier for each item
  • Set the supplier schedule and supplier contacts without any discrepancy
  • Schedule warehouse calendars for warehouse to store transfer
  • Do stock audit of your store to eliminate the Negative inventory, non-moving items, and get rid of irrational holding
  • Define the item type properly as Put away, Flow through, and Direct Store Delivery based on their movement in the supply chain
  • Set proper purchase UOMs and transfer UOMs considering the quantity for presentation stock

What are the benefits of using The Eye for your business?

With The Eye , AI and ML based solution has innumerable benefits:

  • Enjoy accurate and autonomous reordering and transfer recommendations
  • Avoid loss in revenue due to stockouts, by predicting them in advance
  • Transfer the item that is non-moving item in a store, to another where it sells better, thus utilizing the inventory on hand properly
  • Kickstart the operations immediately in new store by mirroring the data from existing one
  • Stack up the items based on the seasonality pattern and demand, ensuring more revenue
  • Reduce the investment by identifying the non-selling items and deactivating its purchase easily

Why is The Eye by Gofrugal, the best reordering tool?

The Eye has a wide range of business benefits that can simplify and enhance the operations of businesses, which make it the most sought app by retailers:

  • Does autonomous purchase planning and execution based on past sales and seasonality
  • Provides prompt stock transfer suggestions to use the inventory effectively across stores
  • Estimates stockouts well ahead and makes accurate purchase planning to avoid stockouts
  • Picks up UOMs automatically based on the past purchase history and recommends UOMs for interstore transfers
  • Tracks the POs on daily basis and sends out reminders to supplier to notify about the due date of order supply or delivery