GoFrugal Product WebOrder FAQs

WebOrder FAQs

1. What is Web order?
It is an online utility tool which allows users from any part of the world to access POS data via internet and place orders.
2. What are the pre-requisites?
You need to do port forwarding to access the tool via internet. For details, contact GoFrugal 24x7 support.
3. Who can access this tool?
Anyone having login access can access the tool.
4. How can I benefit with weborder?
You can view the current stock of all the products, view reports, import purchase invoice and place online orders.
5. How can I benefit as a retailer?
You can increase your sales through online orders, have good customer relationship, improve your ROI and can manage your business better.
6. How is the tool beneficial for the sales representative?
  1. Provides secure and easy access from anywhere and anytime
  2. Assists to get the stock and sales reports
  3. Reduces Travel and Manual works
7. What are the other advantages of this tool?
It provides you the following advantages
  1. Seamless integration with your business management application
  2. Complete security
  3. Configurable user-wise access
  4. Cost efficient
8. How can I buy this feature?
Contact GoFrugal sales team.
Email: info@gofrugal.com
Phone:+ 91 44 66 200 300
9. What is the pricing for web order?
Refer the link Pricing details