Add-on call center module for businesses in food & beverage industry

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WebSOM is a web based sales order management tool to manage a centralized call center especially for Food business to mange their order taking and delivery process efficiently. So all the telephonic orders get logged in the call center and forwarded to the outlet which is nearer to the customer's address for delivery.

Key Business Benefits

  • Lower operating cost with centralized call center. Can handle the entire calls from a country with single telephone number. This helps largely to reduce communication costs.
  • Manpower cost will be reduced as less no of CSR(Customer Service representatives) can handle more calls.
  • Increased sales and brand image due to better customer service experience with customer and proper profiling.

Key Features

Sales Order(SO) Generation from WebSOM - With CTI(Computer Telephony Integration), the system will automatically display the incoming calls number in and If the customer is new, the details can be get updated in WebSOM.

Discount Percentage/amount will be loaded accordingly based on customer type. Special instructions, Comments can also be given. Sales order advice will be sent to the respective outlet immediately once the order taken process is completed in call center.

Sales Order Status tracking - Entire sales order process can be tracked like Pending, Sent to outlet, Order Punched, Driver Out, Driver back and Bill settled.

Feedback Filling - Customer's feedback can be get stored at the time of sales order and can be notified to outlet or used by management for future course of action.

WebSOM gives you various statistical data about the customers and business. It provides customer information such as new customer addition in a given period, sorting 'Top N' customers in terms of SO amount and orders, frequency of buying, customer's first and last transaction made, etc.,

Business Reports - It contain sales information about the particular item, category, employee, outlet, time period, hourly sales, corporate customer, mode of payment for the sales order made, etc.,

Top N SO Customers - Top N SO Customer report list the customers based on the sales order amount transacted for a given time period. Details of the complete transactions and SO details. This report has the entire details about the customers like Name, Phone No ,Ordered amount, Recent order date and total number of purchases made by the customer.

Non Purchasing SO Customers - This report meant for providing the information regarding customer history, frequency of making orders, days since last purchase to identify the potential customer. This report has customer name, days since last purchase, last order date, customer since and all the previous transaction made by the the customer.

Special (Spl) Occasion customers - In contact master, while adding new customers, there is provision for gathering customer's special occasion information. By default there will Birthday and wedding day. This list can be extended by adding attributes for the special occasion.

SO Age Analysis - SO Age analysis report provides information regarding time period since last purchase by a given customer. Last transaction date, Maximum order amount made in single SO and complete transaction in the 'transaction' link are shown in this report.

New Customers - This reports information regarding addition new customer in a given time period and complete contact details about that customer. It helps in studying the impact of new addition of customers based on advertisement or media propagation.

Delay Delivery Details - This report shows the details regarding delay deliveries with sales order number and it's detail, delay reason with code and for which outlet it's been made.

Business Intelligence reports

BI Reports gives sales information about the particular item, category, employee, outlet, time/ period, hourly sales order details.

Item/Category-wise Sales - Item wise sales report shows the item/category wise sales information such as order quantity and amount made through WebSOM for any given period of time. By clicking the 'Transaction' icon the user can view all the sales orders pertaining to the respective item.

Delivery Details - The delivery statistics of the sales order such driver claim, back, order closed time for a given sales order are shown with complete contact details of the customer.

Employee-wise Sales - Employee wise sales details are shown in this report. This report consolidates the employee's performance in terms of number of orders handled and sales order amount transacted.

Outlet-wise Sales/Hour - It has No. Of order - how many SO are generated per hour, Sales Quantity - how many quantities are sold and Order Amount - showing the total order amount for the particular hour for a given outlet.

Sales Per Hour - This report helps in planning the resource during peak hours and also during any special occasions. This provides information regarding the number of orders handled per hour and its order amount.