DE6 GOFRUGAL Year Begin Process

We hope you enjoy a smooth transition to the financial year 2018 to 2019
Follow these 3 simple steps to ensure a smooth transition

The Year Begin process 2018-19 consists of 3 steps

Update your DE6 patch to
DE6 year begin process
TRAC year begin process
(Can be done anytime after DE6 year begin)
Note: It is valid only for fiscal year starts from April 1st

Frequently asked Questions

  1. How to do the Year begin Process in GOFRUGAL DE6?
    On the 1st of April when you open the software in your server system, there will be a message stating that "2018-2019 database not found. Do you wish to proceed to year begin?" Click on Yes. You will be navigated to the year begin process page. Check the details of the company, financial years and click on start. Wait until the year begin process gets completed. You will get a message stating that year begin has been successfully completed.
  2. After year begin process can I make sales and purchase entry in the previous financial year?
    Yes, you can.
    For this go to Tools -> options -> options.
    In configurations enable 'Allow Add-change transaction after year begin' in the previous financial year.
    But you have to manually update the stock details in the new financial year.
  3. Can I change the Receipt / Payment details in the previous Financial year?
    Yes, you can modify / delete the accounts related entry in previous year. If you have transferred your accounts you have to transfer the accounts again for that particular party for whom you have made the changes.
  4. How to make opening stock entry?
    Go to Inventory -> Stock entries/updates -> opening stock entry
    Complete the entry by selecting the product, fill in the Mfr name, rate, batch etc.
    Save the entry.
    Please watch this self help video and you will get a clear idea. Year begin video
  5. Do I have to do year begin in clients?
    No, you need not do year begin process in your client systems. Make sure that your clients are closed when you do the year begin process in your server
  6. My SQL has reached maximum size what must be done?
  7. I want to continue with the old serial number. What to do?
    You can directly enter the serial number with which you want to start invoicing and proceed in making the invoices. The second bill will take up the next number automatically.
  8. I want to start with a new serial code. What should I do?
    Please go to tools -> options -> common settings.
    Select the serial code configuration and add the new serial code as per your requirement.
    Save and exit the configuration Year begin video
  9. I have 2 companies should I have to make year begin process to both?
    Yes, year begin must be done in both the companies
  10. Checklists before year begin process
    • No incomplete entries.
      Inventory -> incomplete entry
      Save all the pending entries
    • No pending stock update.
      Inventory -> stock entries / updates -> bulk stock updation
    • Take backup before year begin
  11. How to remove the incomplete entry?
    Go to Inventory -> Incomplete entries.
    Check for the bills.
    Modify and save the bills listed out.
    The incomplete entries will get saved.
    Watch the help video provided Year begin video
  12. There are many Trac posting failed entries in incomplete entries. What must be done?
    Please go to Tools -> Data verification tool in your server system -> Click on Missing Records in TracDB -> Click on Post missing records in TracDB.
    If the entries are not getting posted, Kindly reach us in Live chat, we will help you to post the entries.
  13. I want to delete the zero stock batches?
    While filing your GST return, we will be fetching the details of ref no. and ref date, hence, the clearing of zero stock batches is not advisable
  14. Your Space Not Enough. Please Free Approximately xMB Space and then do year begin?
    Follow the steps given in the self help and clear your disk space. Year begin video
  15. Where to check the closing stock details?
    Check it in the following reports.
    Reports -> inventory -> current stock -> company / product / batch wise stock(report id:243)
    Reports -> inventory -> current stock -> company / product wise summary(report id:241)
  16. Unable to modify incomplete entries. Somebody locked the bills simultaneously.
    Go to Inventory -> Incomplete entries.
    Check for the bills and modify and save the bills listed out. The incomplete entries will get saved. Watch the help video provided Year begin video
  17. How to make stock adjustment entry?
    Go to Inventory -> stock entries and updates -> stock adjustment entry
    Select the product batch and fill in the other parameters required.
    Watch the self help video to understand how this can be done Year begin video
  18. After Year completed Application hold in 60%. What must be done?
    Your stocks are getting updated. Please wait patiently until the software opens.
  19. In sales bill previous rate history is not fetching.
    Go to tools -> options -> OPTIONS -> enable the previous year also configuration and save
  20. Consistency error while year begin process.
    Please reach us in live chat, we will help you to resolve the issue