RPOS6.5 GOFRUGAL Year Begin Process

Since there were many GST changes in the past financial year, we highly recommend to update GOFRUGAL RPOS6.5 to latest version to ensure a smooth year begin

The Year Begin process 2018-19 consists of 3 steps

Update version to minimum SP_65 or above
RPOS6.5 Year Begin Process
TRAC Year Begin Process
(Can be done anytime after RPOS6.5 year begin)
Note: It is valid only for fiscal year starts from April 1st


Frequently asked Questions

  1. How to do year begin process in RPOS6 ?
    You don't need any setting changes for this.When you open the software on the date of Apr 1 2018 it will automatically ask you to click on 'Yes' to complete your Year Begin Process. Ensure that the date format is mm/dd/yy "04-01-2018"
  2. How to make zero stock for items?
    You can use physical stock updation to make the item stock as zero. For further queries you can refer this link: year begin video
  3. How to update physical stock?
    You can go to Inventory --> Physical Stock update to select a particular item and update the physical stock. For further queries you can refer this link: year begin video
  4. How to update system stock?
    You can use system stock to make the item stock as zero. For further queries you can refer this link: year begin video
  5. What is the difference between stock updation master and physical stock updates?
    The stock updation master lets you to update the system stocks for an item whereas the physical stock lets you to update the actual stock in the store for a particular item considering the damage/theft and pilferage of these items. For further queries you can refer this link: year begin video
  6. How to make an opening stock report?
    To make an opening stock report, go to Reports --> Inventory --> Current Stocks and you will be able to make the report link: year begin video
  7. How to check whether the Year Begin process is completed in RPOS6?
    1. After clicking Yes, you will see a an alert that says 'You have successfully completed the year begin process'
    2. Bill number sequence will begin from 1
  8. How will the sequence number server and client be displayed?
    Sequence number configurations will remain the same. Only the Bill number will start from 1 since the New financial year has begun.
  9. How to begin the Year Begin Process on the client machine?
    For the POS you must begin from the server only . Until you complete the year begin in server you can not open the client system.Year begin is very must process you have to do.
  10. Can I do the Year Begin process on my RPOS6 later?
    NO. If you want to bill on Apr 1 with the same date you need to do the year begin process and it cannot be skipped.
  11. How to take item wise closing stock value?
    You can use the current stock item wise report to verify the same.
  12. Which transaction sequence are resetted and which of them are not?
    The following transactions will get reset after the year begin process,
    purchase entry
    delivery Note
  13. Is there an option to begin company wise year begin process RPOS6??
    In RPOS6, company wise cant be done, but can use the Trac for the company wise year begin process.
  14. If I am using continuous sequence numbers will the reset work after year begin process?
    After the year begin bill sequence will get set to the new number.
  15. I want start particular serial number bill in RPOS6?
    The user can either start with the bill number 1 or with the last year sequence as well.
  16. I have not paid ALR. Is it possible for me to do Year Begin?
    RPOS6 will not open when the ALR is not paid, so you will not able to run the Year begin Process.
  17. Which version is compatible to run the year begin process in RPOS6?
    All the versions support the year begin process. But for a smooth Year Begin Process, you should be on the RPOS6.5 versions SP 65 or above (SP50 to SP64 does not allow Year Begin Process)
  18. How to check the previous year transactions in RPOS6?
    We can check the previous year transactions based on the date that is available in the sales reports and view option from the sales bill entry.
  19. Is it necessary to take a backup before year begin process?
    Yes. Back up should be taken before the year begin process gets started.
  20. I want last year bill number to continue after year begin process?
    User can continue the last year transaction with the current year. To check this, user has to disable the option in the Tools --> Device Configuration --> Miscellaneous --> Other settings. In 'Other Settings' you have "Do not reset Transaction sequence number in Year Begining" should be selected.
    Note : It can de done only with the service login and before the Year begin starts
  21. How to edit last year transactions?
    You will be able to edit the last year transactions in the RPOS6 just like we do it for the current year. Once the edit has been completed, you can do the Trac year begin process to complete the same.