Apparel, Textile, Clothing, Garment POS systems

One-stop solution loaded with intelligent features such as unique barcoding, quick stock taking with PDA. It aids in analyzing customer's buying behavior, product age/type based sales staff incentive, rapid liquidation of non-moving stocks, calculation of accurate landing costs to fix margins, filing of VAT returns & e-filing, etc.

Apparel point of sale software features

Business Boosters

  • Alerts - Apparel Stores

    Send SMS/Email from your
    business management
    software more...

  • SmartReports

    Web based reporting tool
    that assists you to keep track
    of the activities more...

  • Service Module

    Improve efficiency, accuracy and Reduce data entry
    errors more...

  • NetTrade B2B

    NetTrade B2B is a Business Process Automation tool that enables... more...

  • WebOrder

    A web based tool to increase
    your productivity more...

  • E-Commerce Integration

    Connect your online and physical store more...

Apparel POS software to increase customer retention with advanced CRM tools, manage single to multiple garment, clothing, textile, footwear stores including online store with 100% control over inventory. Reduce pilferage with advanced inventory management and accounting. Download apparel billing software for 30 day trial.