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1. How do I choose my 'Plan'?
You can choose your plans based on your business requirements and needs. You can analyse the feature availability edition based and build the product accordingly. All the available features which is available in the base version [STARTER, STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL] is marked 'tick' and features that are not available can be bought as "Add-on".
2. What are 'Add-on' modules?
Add-on modules are additional modules/features that one can buy which is not available with the 'Base version'
3. How do I build my own product with 'Add-on' modules?
Choose the 'Base version', that is either of Starter, Standard and Professional and select the other required modules based on your needs
4. Where do I know the pricing details of the 'Add-on'modules?
Hover over the 'Add-on' modules and you will find their 'Pricing details' along with their description
5. I want to buy GoFrugal POS through online payment now, how can I do it?
You can choose your desired GoFrugal POS edition and purchase it from our GoFrugal Store
6. What are the 'Payment methods' available to complete the transaction?
Final payment in GoFrugal store can be done through 'Credit Card', 'Debit Card' and 'Net Banking'
7. Will there be 'Training' given on purchase of 'Add-on' modules?
Yes, every 'add-on' module purchased is entitled for 'Online training'. The hours of training for each add-on license depends on GoFrugal policy
8. How does 'Add-on' modules help me?
Freedom to build your own Product.
9. Does Add-on licenses attract ASA?
Yes, 20% on the total cost of 'Add-on' licenses is applicable for ASA
10. Can 'Add-on' modules be surrendered back?
No, Add-on modules cannot be surrendered back
11. I want to buy GoFrugal POS editions for Desktop on subscription basis, that is I will pay it year on year, how can I do it?
Subscription licenses can be purchased from GoFrugal basis customer requests and granting it will be in the discretion of GoFrugal. For getting subscription license, the business should be financially stable and in business for more than 5 years
12. Lets say I have purchased STARTER, later I want to upgrade to STANDARD or PROFESSIONAL, is it possible? What is the cost of upgradation?
Yes, you can easily upgrade to the higher edition by paying the difference amount between the editions
13. I have purchased an 'Add-on' license and now I want to upgrade to any higher edition, will the cost of add-on license purchased be adjusted against the upgrade cost?
No, cost of 'Add-on' license purchase will not be adjusted against the upgrade cost
14. Does SmartReports have a perpetual license?
No. SmartReports will be renewed every year with payment of on-time ASA. SmartReports license is required for all GoFrugal mobile apps to function like - WhatsNow, ServJoy, EarnSmart and more. To ensure uninterrupted access to mobile apps, 'on-time' ASA renewal is mandatory/recommended