Response and Resolution

support process
  • The above diagram explains how the response and resolution support process is remotely provided by GoFrugal. The following points lets you know of the fine features of GoFrugal's Assure - Support process.

Incident Registration

  • Once Product Delivery (See details in Product Delivery Process) is completed, Customers can contact GoFrugal via Chat & myGoFrugal app for Support & Maintenance needs
  • Call is routed to respective Product experts based on the Primary product used by the customer
  • CRM maintains Unique Customer ID for every customer

  • Every Customer call is recorded and customer is given an unique Support ticket ID with Assure resolution time

  • Customer is informed of Support ticket ID and the status of the support incident through SMS & Mail
Incident Response & Resolution
  • Incident that affects customer business is responded quickly so that the customer business is revived

  • Effort is also made to resolve incident first time
  • Incident is classified as L1 [24x7 Response Center], L2 /L3 [Remote Support], L4 [Feature Enhancement Request and Compatibility Issues]

  • L1 - incidents are resolved over the phone, L2 - using Internet call/chat, through remote support or through email

  • L3/L4 incidents are resolved through remote support, if there are already available in the latest patch update or customers can download the patch from and apply it with the help of 24x7 response center or remote support

  • L3/L4 incidents that are to be addressed are forwarded to the development team. As soon as a patch is made available, they are resolved by remote support

  • Compatibility issues caused due to hardware, OS, networking, third-party software, etc. are resolved by remote support

  • 1) Customer is informed about the executive assigned for the support call by SMS
    2) Customer is informed about each and every status change through SMS
    3) Support incident status tracking is available

Note : The above are subjected to customer's Support Entitlement

Support Infrastructure

  • Web hosted CRM tool for registration and tracking of support incidents
  • Complete customer and support incident history for all executives supporting the customer(s)
  • Usage of industry lead remote support tools
  • Usage of industry lead maintenance tools: unique patch manager tool to update customer environment with latest patches
  • Periodic patches to address the changes in market needs and for bug fixes in the product
  • Onsite Troubleshooting Tools: RayMedi Doctor, being a part of your installation helps you identify and resolve common printer, hardware, networking, installation related issues
  • Above all, good field coverage by Product Expert personnel and GoFrugal service partners to give you onsite support
  • Well defined advancements to access and get the attention of GoFrugal Management to your issues
  • Last but not the least, experienced, knowledgeable product & QA team to deliver quality products & services enabling you to access them for your requirements anytime.

The above unique features of GoFrugal support architecture makes it possible to achieve optimum availability of the application or the product developed apart from providing assistance.

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