"After using More than six month I'm writing the review for Gofrugal. I have been used many software like Retail Pro, Unipro, Sivasakthi, Etc. But really I feel more comfortable and user friendly with Gofrugal, Especially there support is awesome when compare to other software service. Keep Rocking even we expect more from your team..."

Karu Trading and Exports Pvt Ltd.

"I am really proud for using the GoFrugal software. Whenever I face an issue, I immediately call 24x7 response center to file my issue. They give me assured support no matter what the issue is. Other than this, I chat with the support team also. I get immediate response in chat. One more added advantage is I can even send mails. The support team reverts immediately."

Sudhir Agencies

"The product features are too good and they are very user-friendly. When it comes to support, they are provide amazing support. Whoever answers the call handles all types of issues. They really give assured support by solving the issues whatever it is on or before the restoration time given. I can predict that this issue will be solved before this time. No follow-ups required to know the status. I check the status of my issue from GoFrugal website. Thanks to GoFrugal for providing such a wonderful product and support service."

Muthu Pharma

"GoFrugal Assure is great. You need to call the 24x7 support just once. I do that and concentrate on my work as I need not try calling them repeatedly. This is purely because of GoFrugal Assure. When my complaint is registered, I get a SMS mentioning the restoration time. So I know when the issue will be resolved. But one great thing is the support team solves the issue before the restoration time. Hats off to the GoFrugal Support team."

Savithri Medical Store

"Any time I call the support team to get my issue resolved, they provide me excellent support. Even late in the night, they resolve the issue before the restoration time estimated. The support team keep up their commitment 24x7."

Bronze Ageh

"Whenever I face an issue, I call 24x7 response center immediately. But that day was a govt holiday. My employee called the 24x7 support and immediately the call was answered. The issue was fixed as per the restoration time given to us. It was unbelievable. After talking to the support person, I realized they work on public holidays too. I was happy to get such fantastic support."

New Akash Saree Nikethan

"GoFrugal products are very user-friendly and the support team needs to be mentioned here. I faced a major issue and picked my phone to call the 24x7 support team. I realized my phone was dead and the mobile was not handy. I was lost and didn't know how to contact the support team. Then I sent an email to the support team. Got a response immediately and the issue was also solved within couple of minutes. Thanks for providing us great support."

Bone Sante

"I am a retailer and weekends are my peak business hours. That was a weekend evening 6:30 PM. Unfortunately, my staff did a mistake while billing and I was unable to proceed further. We tried various other options but failed. I get regular SMS from GoFrugal. I recollected reading one such SMS about fully staffed support in weekends. I called the 24x7 response centre immediately. I really had a pleasant surprise that in one ring the support team picked my call and solved my issue. Amazing support team."

Tamanna Exports

"I have called 24x7 support many times. They always resolve my problems quickly and easily. I would like to appreciate the support executives. They are so knowledgeable. I even chat with the support team from GoFrugal website. Their Live Chat support is so responsive. Thanks for hiring such a great staff as they have all been very polite and patient."

The Maharashtra Store

"I faced a printing issue. I was really blank and I called 24x7 response center. They filed the issue and immediately I got a SMS mentioning restoration time as two hours. But the issue was solved within 1 hour. I like the approach of the 24x7 response center. They listen to my problem and feedback. They take corrective measures and improve the product based on my feedback. GoFrugal product and services continue to improve all the time and delight us. They surprise me everytime with quick and easy steps to resolve issues."

Rau & Co

"I am into Pharma distribution business. GoFrugal product features are very user-friendly. Specially, the reports are detailed that helps me analyze my business thoroughly. More than the product and features, there is one thing I would like to highlight is the support. Any time I call, there is someone to solve my issue which creates a great confidence in me. Being in a very remote area, a person visiting our place and resolving the issue would take a long time. But, GoFrugal support takes only few hours to solve my issue through remote support. It is fantastic to have such support."

GG Pharma

"I call the 24x7 response center and they solve my issue on or before the restoration time sent to us. I need not call them continuously to get the issue solved or know the status of it because the status of the issue is sent to me by SMS. 24x7 support team not only resolves our issues but also gets our feedback. What I like about them is that they improvise the product based on the feedback."

AVM Sound Zone

"Many may think that calling 24x7 is the only solution for the issue to be solved. But I make use of the chat support provided by 24x7 support which is equally efficient & beneficial. My problem gets solved immediately. If I provide my details that is more than enough to get my issue resolved."

Post 91 – Chat

"We are getting remarkable service from GoFrugal team. I really appreciate their response time to attend the complaint calls, as their team understands the criticality of the customer's business."

Pizza Corner (GFA Corp)

"Whenever we contact GoFrugal Technical support team, we are able to get immediate response and solution from the team."

Kingson super market

"Customer service is excellent. Getting on-time support from the field team."

Kani Departmental Stores

"Getting good support from the field team. The 24x7 Customer care online support is also very helpful to us. Customer complaint ID & system follow-up is very efficiently done."

Generation Next

"Able to get immediate response from support team. I am very much satisfied with the support service."

Geeta Circle

"Support team was very kind in helping us. Each time when we needed help, they were patient in fixing our problem."

Delhi Bible Institute

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