5 ways to great retail in-store experience!

The footfall of the first-time customers to your supermarket is set to grow each and every year. Congrats! But, have you ever realized that there is always a supermarket in the next street and many more in the town that your customers can prefer for their next purchase? Ahh! Sounds bad right?

Yes, the competition is huge. You may try out multiple strategies like discount offers, festival sale, door delivery to tackle the competition. But, haven’t you observed that every supermarket is doing these? Yes they do, because these are must-do things today without any question. Hence, your supermarket must do something more and unique to be the customers’ first choice.

  • Do you want your customers to refer your store to others themselves?
  • Do you wish to make your supermarket special in your locality?
  • Do you like your store to be the customers’ first choice?

Retail customer first choice

According to retail experts, ‘Customer Experience(CX) is King!’. The researches suggest that the customers are likely to spend more and become loyal if they get good ‘in-store’ experience. It is important to note that resorting to CX is as essential as adopting to software for the retail owners.

Do you like to know how to provide the best customer experience in the store?Happy customer experience


Here’s how you can do that!

1. Welcome the visitors with chocolates and mint

Give refreshments to retail customers

Our minds are wired to chocolates and mint-gums positively. We feel fresh and positive when we chew them. Most of the customers visiting your store are likely to be those who are tired after a long work-day, or paying a casual visit on a boring weekend or home-makers running errands to get groceries. So offering your visitors with mint will refresh them and create a good mood. Customers with good mood are likely to have a better shopping experience.

2. Maintain a fragrant environment

Researches state that smell is a strong factor that helps people remember a particular place, brand, or a product. As a supermarket owner, you should ensure the visitors with fragrant environment throughout the store that will make them to stay longer and explore all sections.

3. Create a good ambience

Clean instore environment

A rich look throughout the store will create a sense of brand and authenticity. People trust things they see. Improve the look-and-feel by placing relevant yet inexpensive digital posters and banners across the store. For example, you can place farm-fresh looking fruits and vegetables wall posters near the green section. Pink coloured posters with good quotes praising women can be hanged near women section. Doing such things will give a nice experience to your customers and make them visit again and again.

4. Get the basics right

Good ambience is half sales done

Maintain your shop like you maintain your home. Keep your store super neat and clean to gain a good first-opinion. De-clutter the wastage and unwanted items strictly out of customers’ sight. Quickly move the just-received items from the supplier to the back store. Give a comfortable space for customers to walk without any disturbance. Getting these basics right is half work done.

5. Smile

Connect with retail customers

You need to understand that customers are just like all of us who like to engage more with warm and welcoming people. By mere wishing them a good day and giving a pleasant smile during sales or at counter will make them happy and emotionally connected to your shop. They will remember these small things and will have your shop as their first choice for the next purchase. So, Keep Smiling!