Offline to Online – The transition that your customers demand from you in 2020

Online Ordering. This simple but speedy technology is familiar to every online shopper across the world. Of course, it has taken the shopping universe to a whole new level and made every body’s life easier except one’s. Yes, if you are an offline retailer, we know how troublesome it is for you.

Have you realized yet that you started losing your customers to online shopping apps? and have you speculated about the ways to sustain in the competitive online market? If your answer is no, well, you should then rethink as the modern m-commerce wave might swallow your consumers and cripple your business soon.

With the advent of online shopping apps in the market, consumers, especially millennial’s are tending to use mobile as their favourite shopping companion. It is estimated that more than 65% of the consumers in India prefer online shoppingover offline shopping. The reason is not singular. The higher penetration rate of smartphones in the market is the one that stands tall among others. 

online vs offline stats are extremely threatening

While these massive stats seem extremely alarming, traditional retailers like you in today’s market are only embracing the fact that they can do nothing to stop these numbers from getting big. But, what if we tell you that you can sustain this disaster by opening an online store with the help of a customer ordering app. Sounds good right! To do that, you should first understand your consumers’ behaviour and what they expect from you.

What do your customers expect from you?

1. 24*7 Accessibility: 

Have you wondered why that hefty ever-busy customer stopped visiting your store? Because he works late at night and wants to buy groceries only after 11:30 P.M while you close your shop by 10:00 P.M. So he opens Bigbasket app, places an order and gets his groceries delivered at his doorstep the next day. Just like him, 58% of consumers in India need shops and services to be available all the time. By owning an online app, you can never lose a customer by keeping your store open to your customers round the clock. 

24*7 accessible ordering

Keep your store open 24*7

2. Convenience: 

Gone are those days when alluring offers used to pull consumers to your store. In this rapidly changing market, time and convenience are the new discounts. Nowadays, customers neither have time nor energy to travel to your store. They desire to explore your inventory at their fingertips sipping a coffee rather than suffocating in your lengthy store queue. Your customer ordering app saves the customers a trip to your store by providing convenience in their pocket-sized mobile.

Provide convenience with the help of customer ordering app

Offer convenience at fingertips

3. Faster delivery: 

Understand that today’s customers cannot wait for a long time. They expect faster deliveries. 56% of online shoppersexpect the same day delivery and 61% of these shoppers are willing to pay for it. You may not attract them with Big Billion day sales and deep discounts but you can hold them with your quicker deliveries. With your online app, deliver within a matter of hours while the online apps are promising 1 to 2 days delivery time. Be Amazon of your locality by providing “Faster than same-day delivery”

Faster delivery with customer ordering app

Knock your customers’ doors quicker

It is apparent that consumers in today’s market have become acquainted with online shopping and made it a part of their daily/weekly routine. India alone corresponds to having 29 crore online shoppers currently and is estimated to surpass 33 crore mark by the end of the year.  According to statistia’s survey, the mobile retail e-commerce sales in India alone were estimated to be valued at nearly 278 thousand crores by 2020. 

Increase in retail m-commerce sales from 2016 to 2020

Increase in retail m-commerce sales from 2016 to 2020

These numbers reinforce the present situation that you are going to lose more customers and money to the online apps in the upcoming days. It is the right time that you should strive to hold your customers and compensate for your loss. Some of the retailers perceived these market changes and marked their presence online.

If you are also a smart retailer who wants to secure the future of your business by going online, then, we have got you covered! Yes, Gofrugal’s innovative customer ordering app OrderEasy will help you open an online store within a matter of hours and sail you through this devastating online storm.

Set up your online store within a matter of hours