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Our help for your business continuity during Corona times!

We are living in trying times. Trying to fight a virus. Trying to stay calm.
Trying to manage the business. Trying to stay afloat. We are, indeed, living in trying times

With consumers staying indoors and with the need to socially distance themselves, retail stores are perplexed. People need products but can’t come to stores. Stores have customers but can’t get them inside. These are, indeed, trying times!

Is there anything the retailers could do? 

Every problem has its own solution. Every question has its own answer. There is a simple solution to your complex problem! 

It’s rather too simple. If the mountain can’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain. If the customer can’t visit the store, then the store must go to the customer. That visit can be comfortably arranged by online ordering! 

What consumers need is a way to order their products easily, still practising social distancing. They can place orders via a mobile app for their daily needs, groceries, medicines, and whatnot, while in quarantine.

How do I deliver, you ask? 

That’s even easier. There is an app for that too!
An app to manage home deliveries that provides clarity and convenience to delivery boys. The orders can be door-delivered by the app that will help the delivery boys navigate their way to the customers, schedule deliveries and, if required, reschedule deliveries too.

In short, Social distancing is ensured with contact-less servicing and correct delivery!

If all this sounds like something that’s not for you, it’s time to erase them off your mind and educate yourself on the availability of a solution. A solution provided by GOFRUGAL in the form of two different apps.

Small or big, anyone can use these apps.

Ensure business continuity during these trying times. Get these apps before your competitors do. Currently, all major players are facing a massive shortage in stock and are also unable to serve the customers adequately. This is the time to maintain your business well, serve your customers good and forge customer relationships better.

And to make it easier for retailers, GOFRUGAL is offering the two apps as a complimentary bundle till 30th September 2020 to help retailers like you, ensure business continuity in these trying times. 

We wish to do our part to ease things for you always, and in a crisis like this, especially. We have always been trying to help you, customers. Like we said, GOFRUGAL has always been trying to simplify your business needs and continue to provide a solution in these challenging times.

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