5 tips for restaurants to fight COVID-19

Over the last few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic had a drastic impact across the world and It is extremely important in tough times that we address the viral COVID-19 disease together. In general, restaurants have a great responsibility to respond to this global epidemic and ensure that the customer’s and employee’s health and safety are protected as the highest priority in the days ahead. As a restaurateur, it is important to be there for your customers and employees when they need you the most and offer them a safe dining experience in your restaurants.

Here are five tips that restaurants could adopt to fight COVID-19:

1. Receive orders online and offer free home deliveries

restaurants home delivery

Home deliveries would enable restaurants to serve customers at their doorsteps

Many customers may still be skeptical about dining in and you can still serve them by offering home deliveries so they do not miss them. Instead of depending on Swiggy and Zomato alone for delivering to the customer, we at Gofrugal are offering our online ordering and delivery applications free of costs so that restaurateurs can now take their business online and cater to customers by providing home deliveries.

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2. Encourage contactless payments

restaurants payment options

Mobile payment wallets like UPI, Google pay ensures contactless payment

It is best advised to avoid direct contact as much as possible, using e-bills and digital payment methods would help avoid contact with currency, swiping machines and printed bill copies. 

Sending the bill through SMS and accepting payments through Phonepe, Google pay or BHIM allows customers to check their bills and pay directly by scanning the QR codes using their mobiles, thereby avoiding direct contact.

3. Improve sanitization and hygiene level within restaurant premises

restaurants covid 19

Ensuring restaurant staffs to wear masks and gloves would improve the health standards

COVID-19 has been known to be transmitted through surfaces, it is important that restaurants need to be sanitized frequently. A little extra work in placing hand sanitizers on tables, displaying signboards advising customers to wash their hands and hard cleaning tables with soap would improve health standards and prevent COVID-19.

Also, ensure that workers receive the same amount of care as visitors. It is best advised that kitchen workers, chefs, stewards, and servers have gloves and masks as a measure of safety. In case you find any of your employees unhealthy, offer them leave until they have completely recovered. The last thing you need is an unhealthy worker in your restaurant space.

4. Keep your menu cards neat and clean

Restaurant menu cards are touched by 100’s of people every day and possess a great deal of danger. As a restaurateur, it is vital to treat your menu cards with the utmost care and top priority must be given to cleaning them regularly. If your menu cards have been in place for a long time, it’s high time you replace them with new ones or turn to digital menu cards that your guests can access through their mobile phones, removing the risk and physical contact involved in using the traditional menu cards.

5. Promote and highlight healthy dishes in your menu that improve immunity

restaurants covid19

Healthier food options improve immunity level helping fight covid-19

It is a proven fact that staying healthy and having a good immune system will help us tackle COVID-19 or any other virus better. Promoting healthier dishes and highlighting healthier food options in menu cards will help guests choose healthy food options that improve their immunity. This small step could benefit so many lives.

In the end, we must not panic as responsible people. While COVID-19 can pose a health threat, panicking only leads to rash decisions that make the situation worse. Following these simple steps and having a proper system reinforcing standards of hygiene will go a long way in helping restaurants fight COVID-19 effectively.

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