Celebrating inclusivity: Empowering employees of all abilities

Employee appreciation day

At Mystical, a Fish and Meat Store, inclusivity isn't just a word; it's a foundational principle that shapes their workplace culture. This commitment to diversity is deeply ingrained, as evidenced by their unwavering support for employees of all abilities, including associates Ashish Gaud and Shalu, who are examples of the company's inclusive principle.

As we celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, it's important to recognize the extraordinary efforts of businesses like Mystical Fish and Meat Store, where owners like Xavier Kuriakose Chundelikkattt go above and beyond to bring out the potential in every employee. In this journey, we've witnessed the transformative power of inclusive practices, where individuals are valued for their unique abilities. Now, it's your turn to learn from their example and embrace inclusivity in your workplace.

Championing inclusivity: Insights from the business owner

In a recent interview with Xavier Kuriakose Chundelikkattt, the visionary behind Mystical Fish and Meat Store, we gained invaluable insights into the company's approach to fostering an inclusive environment. Xavier's passion for uplifting underprivileged individuals shined through in the conversation. 

employee appreciation day

Xavier's dedication to this cause became evident when Ashish Gaud, a visually challenged individual, joined the team. Xavier saw Ashish's potential and invested time and resources into his growth. "When I first joined Mystical Fish and Meat Store, I was amazed by Xavier's unwavering support and encouragement," Ashish recalled. 

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Ashish now single-handedly handles order management for one of the offline stores, a responsibility he's had for the past two years.

Empowering individuals one opportunity at a time

Ashish's journey is just one example of Mystical Fish and Meat Store's commitment to inclusivity. Shalu, another valued member of the team, is an example of resilience and determination. Despite facing physical challenges from having only one hand, Shalu handles billing and cash transactions with remarkable efficiency.

Reflecting on her experience, Shalu shared, "Navigating daily tasks with one hand presented its own set of challenges, but Xavier and my colleagues never viewed it as a limitation. Their unwavering support and understanding helped me overcome obstacles and thrive in my role with confidence."

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Shalu handles billing and cash for one of the offline stores completely on her own.

Even before Ashish Gaud and Shalu, Mystical, Fish and Meat Store extended its hand to another remarkable individual, Hari Shankar—a polio-affected worker whose story resonated with the essence of resilience and determination. Despite facing physical challenges, this individual demonstrated unwavering commitment and dedication. Through Xavier's support and the inclusive workplace culture fostered at the store, the workers not only flourished in their role but also went on to open their own store, a testament to the transformative power of opportunity and belief in one's abilities.

Technology as an enabler of inclusion

Central to Mystical Fish and Meat Store's inclusive initiatives is the strategic implementation of innovative technologies that help all employees excel in their roles. Xavier underscores the transformative impact of technology, stating, "Gofrugal has been instrumental in improving accessibility and efficiency across our operations." He continued to remark on its simplicity and intuitive nature. "Its easy-to-use interface and customizable features have empowered all employees, regardless of their abilities, to perform their tasks effectively. Anyone can use it with no prior skills, and that helped us train Ashish and everyone else easily."

Though Employee Appreciation Day falls on March 1, every day is Employee Appreciation Day when we work with businesses like Mystical. Let us celebrate businesses like Mystical Fish and Meat Store, where inclusivity isn't merely a word but a lived reality. By prioritizing diversity, fostering a supportive work environment, and leveraging technology to remove barriers, Xavier and his team are setting a powerful example for businesses worldwide.

Gofrugal takes pride in empowering business owners like Xavier Kuriakose Chundelikkatttt, who are dedicated to empowering others. Together, as we build a future of diversity, let us heed Xavier's advice:

"Don't fear employing individuals with disabilities. With the right support and opportunities, they have the potential to surpass expectations and enrich our workplaces immeasurably, more than any other employee. All they need is a little nudge and confidence from us." 

— Xavier Kuriakose Chundelikkattt, Owner, Mystical (The Fish and Meat Store)

Employee appreciation day