Capterra and Software Advice recognizes Gofrugal as the Best Retail and Restaurant POS System Front-runners

We are thrilled and deeply grateful to announce that Capterra and Software Advice, leading online platforms that provide reviews and insights on various software solutions across different industries, have recognized Gofrugal as the Best Retail and Restaurant POS System Front-runners (2023). These accolades are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and the trust that our customers have put into us over the past years.

Here’s what the trust of our customers has got us

Software Advice: Best Order Management System Front-runners 2023

  • Highlighting our order management system’s excellence and capabilities in streamlining order processes.

Software Advice: Best Retail POS System Front-runners 2023

  • Showcasing our retail POS system’s effectiveness in enhancing retail operations.

Software Advice: Best Restaurant POS System Front-runners 2023

  • Underlining our restaurant POS system’s value in optimizing restaurant management.

Capterra: Best Inventory Management Software in India for SMEs

  • Showcasing how many businesses have been seeking our inventory management systems due to its inventory management solutions.

Capterra: Best POS Systems for Restaurants in Australia

  • Highlighting our consistent contribution to the restaurant industry in Australia with our digital solutions.

Capterra’s Best For 2023 Retail Management Systems Software Shortlist

  • Showcasing the positive impact of our services on digital retailers and restaurateurs globally.

All these accolades underscore our commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions to businesses in over 60 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, India, and Australia. Capterra and Software Advice consider only user feedback and ratings from businesses that have utilized Gofrugal’s solutions to manage different aspects of their business.

Highlights of customer reviews on Capterra and Software Advice

“Gofrugal is the future of business evolution! Lightning-fast and incredibly supportive, it feels like home even when you’re at work. Their vast capabilities make me realize I can move mountains and open doors for my business.”
— Muhamed W., IT Administrator

“Easy-to-use, feature-packed software with excellent support. The HQ portal provides a plethora of analytics and reporting tools for our MIS and business intelligence needs.”
— Soumya J. B., Manager – IT

“Gofrugal’s instant payment solution is fantastic! The inventory tracking and management features are top notch.”
— John M., Owner

“Gofrugal’s restaurant software made restaurant management a breeze for us at REJAG Technologies. The software is truly exceptional and provides fantastic support.”
— Ambari, Admin, REJAG Technologies

Highlights that paved Gofrugal’s path

At the heart of our recognition and accolades lies the authentic voice of our customers, echoing their experiences and affirming the value we bring to their businesses.


Gofrugal’s retail and restaurant ERP software focuses on reliability. Customers have consistently reported experiencing unwavering operations and steadfast performance, even during the most bustling business hours.

Simplicity and accessibility

Our retail and restaurant ERP software prides itself on a user-friendly interface. This deliberate design empowers users with diverse technical backgrounds to engage with the system effortlessly. The intuitive nature of the interface accelerates employee adaptation, significantly trimming training time and elevating overall productivity.

Continuous innovation

Our ongoing investments in enhancing and expanding the capabilities of our retail and restaurant ERP software lead to regular updates and fresh features. This dedication has made business owners maintain an edge over industry trends, fostering confidence in embracing a dynamic and future-ready foundation.

Your unwavering love and trust have paved the way for these remarkable achievements, validating the satisfaction you find in using Gofrugal’s digital solutions. Your ongoing support serves as our driving force, propelling us towards continuous improvement and the delivery of a top-tier experience for your retail and restaurant business. We extend our gratitude to all our incredible customers, like you, who have made this incredible journey possible. For complete reviews, we invite you to explore Gofrugal’s official page on Capterra and Software Advice.

About Capterra and Software Advice awards

Capterra and Software Advice are trusted online platforms that provide reviews and insights on various software solutions across different industries. Their awards and recognitions are typically based on user reviews and ratings, as well as a thorough evaluation of the software’s features, usability, customer support, and overall value.