How to manage more orders and overcome the challenges faced by retailers in this Pandemic with GoSure StockPick?

Retailers have faced a knockdown by the Corona lockdown and the ensuing economic slowdown, but a rundown of their problems will make them realize it’s more a self-inflicted breakdown that can be easily shut down if they read this rundown!

With corona jingling and shoppers dwindling, retailers feel they have to bide their time and wait for their turn. While they can’t do much about the corona pandemic, they can self-medicate and cure an intrinsic illness that has been affecting their speed, efficiency, and customer experience.

This blog is about the manual manner in which retailers stock pick to serve their customers. Oblivious of modern automation solutions, retailers remain unmindful and continue to pursue, pick and pack their customer orders manually. With highways abound, many still travel the mud path. With sedans around, most ride the bullock cart. Put simply, when customer orders overflow, the hapless retailer is zapped searching for the item needle in his stock haystack!

Challenges faced by the retailers with manual order processing

  • Manual picking of stocks is time-consuming; not just for the staff to search and pick but also for the manager who has to supervise it
  • Searching and scratching the store racks to spot the right stock to pick, they collectively end up consuming more time, expending extra effort yet missing on-time delivery
  • Moreover, manual stock-picking warrants taking outmoded print-outs and encountering difficulties in the tracking of order status
  • Despite all the labour and the laboriousness it involves, the wrong item is delivered to the customer obliging the store to redeliver, thus costing more time, effort, and money
  • Notwithstanding all the time, toil, and troubles, the retailer ends up losing the unhappy customer

Why do retailers need GoSure StockPick?

It’s time retailers welcomed GoSure StockPick, a ground-breaking app from Gofrugal. An automated solution that automatically addresses your anxieties to ease your pain and breeze your deliveries. The app helps you perform paperless picking for accurate, highly efficient, and hassle-free processing.

Benefits of using GoSure StockPick app

Customer orders can be automatically assigned to the designated pickers’ mobile app, allowing them to pick and process the orders on time without any dependency. The supervisor need not be near to monitor the picker and can track the order status from anywhere. The scanning feature of the app and category-wise item listing helps pick the right items without the mess; thus, reducing the stress.

All in all, resulting in the picking of more orders per picker. And more profits per order!

  • No more papers and print-outs
  • No roaming and roving the store searching for the right products
  • No dependency on supervisor or manager’s presence and time
  • No more picking of the incorrect stock or the inaccurate item

Automate your stock pick and you can see the average time taken to complete an order comes down from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. And watch your customer’s happy experience quadruple, if not more!


With GoSure StockPick, you can make your pick easy, error-free, and hassle-free. You can reduce supervision, halve the work time yet double accuracy. Big retail brands have it. Small retailers need it. With GoSure StockPick, there won’t be any more slip, between the store and the pick!

So, don’t let manual stock pick meltdown your business, let down your prospects, and result in your comedown. Crackdown the problem by automating your stock pick to touchdown with GoSure and watch the countdown to your success begin!