How to start a Kirana store? 

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In the heart of Indian communities, the Kirana store stands as a pillar of togetherness and a custodian of convenience. It’s where familiar faces welcome you with a smile, and where shop owners know your preferences by heart. It’s a bond, not just a business.

As the Kirana store transforms with digital solutions, it preserves its core values. This blog will explore the Kirana store’s evolution while providing insights on starting a Kirana store, including its benefits and the required licenses.

What is a Kirana store?

A Kirana store, often called a neighbourhood or corner store, is a small, independent retail shop that typically sells a wide range of everyday essentials and groceries.

Kirana stores are the backbone of the retail landscape in India and serve as convenient outlets for consumers to purchase daily necessities like groceries, personal care products, snacks, and more. Their proximity to residential areas sets Kirana stores apart, making them easily accessible to the local community.

Benefits of operating a Kirana store

Operating a Kirana store offers a multitude of benefits, forming a solid Kirana store business model. These include the following points.

  • Community hub: Kirana stores are often deeply integrated into the local community, allowing owners to build strong personal relationships with their customers. Kirana stores are the lifelines of local communities, serving as meeting points and fostering relationships among neighbours.
  • Convenience: They provide convenience by offering a one-stop solution for daily essentials, reducing the need for customers to travel to larger supermarkets, an essential aspect when considering starting a Kirana store.
  • Flexibility: Kirana store owners have the flexibility to tailor their product selection to cater to local preferences and changing consumer demands, forming an adaptable Kirana business model.
  • Entrepreneurship: It’s an opportunity for individuals to become entrepreneurs with relatively lower startup costs compared to larger retail chains.
  • Profit margins: Kirana stores can be highly profitable due to consistent foot traffic and a wide array of products, which is a critical aspect of the Kirana store business plan.

How much money is required to open a Kirana store?

Opening a Kirana store is like a grand performance, and the cost of your show varies with your stage. In tier-1 cities, it can range from INR 10–15 lakhs or more. In tier-2 cities, you might need around INR 7–12 lakhs. In villages, you can start with INR 5–10 lakhs. These figures are just estimates and should be a part of your Kirana store business plan.

Your investment needs will depend on rent, inventory costs, and licenses. To determine the exact amount, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough financial analysis and budgeting plan tailored to your location and goals.

Kirana store business plan

In the world of Kirana stores, where community and convenience converge, a successful venture hinges on a comprehensive Kirana store business plan. Meticulous planning, including inventory management and staff selection, is paramount. Acquiring inventory, equipment, and technology through low-interest small business loans, investors, or personal savings is vital to ensure seamless operations.

Your chosen team, known for their hard work and patience, forms the heart of your store’s success. With a balance of financial stability and a dedicated team, your Kirana store will thrive and become a cherished community cornerstone in line with the Kirana store business model.

How to open a Kirana store?

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Product selection

Your Kirana store’s inventory is more than merchandise; it’s the lifeblood of your business. In addition to essentials, your shelves should house quick shopping items for busy souls, irresistible impulse purchase products, personal care essentials for self-pampering, locally sourced and homemade delicacies, seasonal and festival specialities to ignite joy, baby care necessities, and even pet supplies for your four-legged neighbours. The key is to understand your community’s preferences and demands to curate a unique mix of goods that caters to their needs.

Gofrugal’s Kirana shop software can be your compass in navigating the vast inventory landscape, helping you make data-driven decisions and ensuring you’re stocked with the right products at the right time.

Locality selection

The location of your Kirana store is not just about bricks and mortar; it’s your presence in the community. Seek high visibility in a location with ample parking facilities, easy accessibility, and a safe environment. Families, in particular, consider safety and security when choosing where to shop. Your Kirana store should be more than just a shop; it should be a trusted haven where neighbours come for their daily needs and where they feel secure.

Inventory management

Effective inventory management is crucial for your Kirana store’s success and should be a part of your Kirana store business model. To achieve this, you can use FIFO (First-In-First-Out) rotation to minimize stockouts and overstock. Additionally, employing inventory management software, like Gofrugal, is a great way to streamline your operations. This software helps you plan for seasonal and festive inventory, track product shelf life, and reduce waste. With Gofrugal, your Kirana store can run efficiently, ensuring your community’s needs are always met.

Local community engagement

Your Kirana store is more than just a place of commerce; it’s a hub for meaningful customer relationships. Building a strong local customer base is crucial. Engage with your customers by greeting them with their names, thanking them after their visit, and being readily available to answer their queries about product availability by phone, SMS, or WhatsApp. Go beyond transactional interactions to create a sense of trust. Become a trusted friend in your customers’ lives.

Local sourcing

Sourcing products locally benefits not only your business but also your community. It supports local businesses, reduces your carbon footprint, and ensures fresh and relevant products. By building relationships with local suppliers, you can understand their offerings and they can learn your unique needs and offer each other support. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Extended working hours

Offering extended store hours does more than boost sales; it’s about being there for your community when they need you the most. Gofrugal’s Kirana POS can help you manage staff scheduling for extended hours, maintain store security and safety, and provide top-notch service during these extended times.

Supplier relationship

Strong relationships with suppliers are the backbone of your Kirana store’s success. Keep the lines of communication clear and offer feedback to your suppliers. Ensure a steady supply of products, even when suppliers prioritize larger stores. To tackle this challenge, plan your purchases based on the supplier’s lead time and always have alternative supplier options in place, especially for fast-moving products. This proactive approach will keep your Kirana store well-stocked and ensure customer satisfaction.

Financial management

With Gofrugal’s assistance, you can allocate budgets for store operations, establish profit margins, plan for store expansion, and manage your cash flow efficiently. Keep a close eye on inventory value and seek ways to reduce unnecessary expenses. Your Kirana store becomes not just a business but a financially sound venture.

Food trends and speciality products

Staying current with food trends and the demand for speciality products is essential. Imagine your Kirana store as a culinary treasure trove, where customers discover exciting new flavors and products. Regular market research keeps you informed of trends, helping you stock and promote speciality items. Create alluring displays that draw customers in and let them explore.

Festival season strategies

Festivals are a time for celebration, and your Kirana store should be prepared to share in the joy. With Gofrugal’s Kirana POS, you can expertly plan your festive inventory, offer discounts and promotions, and ensure you have the right staffing in place. Take full advantage of these festive seasons by implementing creative marketing and promotion ideas that resonate with your community’s spirit.

Licenses required to open a Kirana store in India

To operate your Kirana store legally, you must secure several licenses and permits, each serving a vital purpose in ensuring your business complies with the law and maintains the safety and trust of your customers.

Here are the key licenses and permits required to open a Kirana store in India.

Shop and Establishment License

The Shop and Establishment License is fundamental for the legal operation of your store. It’s a state-specific license that regulates the working conditions, opening and closing hours, and employment terms for your establishment.

The process for obtaining this license varies from state to state. Generally, you need to apply to the local municipal authority or labour department. The application typically requires basic business information, such as the name and address of your store, along with details about the number of employees.

GST registration

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration is mandatory for businesses engaged in the sale of goods and services. It ensures your compliance with India’s comprehensive tax system and legalizes your business transactions.

You can register for GST through the online GST portal. The process involves submitting relevant business details, such as your business name, PAN (Permanent Account Number), and bank account information. After successful registration, you will be issued a GSTIN (GST Identification Number).

FSSAI license

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license is essential for businesses selling food products. It assures the quality and safety of food products, protecting the health of consumers.

FSSAI licenses are categorized into three levels: basic, state, and central. Depending on the scale of your Kirana store, you will need to apply for the corresponding license. The application can be submitted online through the FSSAI website. It involves providing details about your food business and the types of products you intend to sell.

Trade license

The trade license is issued by the local municipal corporation or urban local body. It grants you legal permission to conduct business activities in your specific location.

The procedure for obtaining a trade license varies from one municipality to another. Typically, you’ll need to submit an application to the local municipal authority, providing details about your business, the premises, and compliance with safety and health regulations.

Fire safety certificate

This certificate ensures your Kirana store complies with fire safety standards and that necessary fire prevention and firefighting measures are in place to protect your store and its customers.

The process for obtaining a fire safety certificate involves an inspection by the local fire department. They will assess your store’s layout, fire extinguishing systems, emergency exits, and other safety measures. Once you meet their requirements, you’ll be issued a fire safety certificate.

How to increase sales in a Kirana shop?

  • Cross-promotions: Collaborate with local businesses to create cross-promotions. For example, partner with a nearby bakery and offer discounts on their products when customers spend a certain amount in your store. This mutually beneficial arrangement can drive more foot traffic and boost sales for both businesses.
  • Eye-level placement: Place popular and essential items at eye level on the shelves. These are the items that most customers come in for, and having them easily accessible ensures they can find what they need quickly.
  • Checkout counter displays: Place small, high-margin items near the checkout counter. These are often impulse-purchase items that customers may pick up as they are paying for their essentials.
  • Special promotions: Highlight special promotions or new arrivals at the entrance or near the checkout counter to catch the customers’ attention and encourage additional purchases.
  • Fresh and local: If you offer fresh produce or locally sourced items, ensure they are prominently displayed, even in a small space. These items often draw customers in and can lead to additional purchases.

Is a Kirana store business profitable?

The profitability of a Kirana store is subject to various factors, including location, competition, business management, and market demand. However, a crucial aspect that can significantly boost profitability is efficient inventory management and precise purchasing, which is precisely what Gofrugal’s POS software provides.

By reducing shrinkage and optimizing inventory, this software becomes an invaluable tool in enhancing the profitability of a Kirana store. In summary, while the profitability of a Kirana store depends on multiple variables, Gofrugal’s software offers a tangible way to increase profits and secure the success of your business.

Ready to turn your Kirana store into a thriving hub? Take the first step with a Gofrugal trial and unlock the potential for a prosperous Kirana store journey. Your community awaits, and so does your success!

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