Is your GST actually reaching the Government?

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Are you being charged with GST (CGST & SGST) in your bills?

Do you actually know if your vendor pays these taxes to the Government?

After July 1st, plenty of eyebrows were raised when we found CGST and SGST on our bills. Some of the businesses with inefficient billing solutions added SGST and CGST taxes on top of the long-gone VAT charges. It was initially very confusing for the consumer to identify the What-Nots of GST. There are still enough grey areas for the consumer about GST.

Today, it is very common that every business regardless of their GST compliance are charging their consumers with GST. If the business which is charging you is compliant, then your money reaches the right place (Government) but what if it is not?


How would you find that out?

Here are a few tips to find out whether your vendor is GST compliant & your tax money actually reaches the Government:

If you are being charged CGST & SGST by a vendor, ensure the below

  • Whether your bill contains the GSTIN number of the vendor: A bill that has GST without a GSTIN number can be subjected to be a non-compliant practice.

  • It does not have the old VAT or Service Tax : Any such bill that contains VAT or service tax will be invalid.

Even one of the above 2 cases is found true, it means that your vendor is not GST compliant. Once you have the GSTIN number of the vendor, you shall then verify it in the link below.

By doing this you can check whether the vendor’s business is GST compliant and your tax reaches the Government.

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