Never a dull moment

It’s over a year since the last post. During the last 12-15 months, we have been quite busy and deeply engaged with many customers.Our team has met close to 50,000 retailers automated 2500+ stores in 45 different retail business segments across the country. We participated in more than 15 events, signed up 100+ channel partners and have deepened the engagement with all our technology partners. This period also had close to 100 updates to all the products

The release overview and release history are available at

The high point of the last 12 months is the progress on the retail business management solution as a hosted service front [SaaS model]. Currently, the service is being used by 6 customers. The SaaS service should be launched in April this year. The SaaS service supports offline functionality with Google Gears technology and we have paid lots of attention to security starting with access control from registered till to security of data stored in the Gears DB

The SaaS service will support almost all functionality available in our on-premise, client-server Windows application offering. We may limit the offering to about 15 retail segments in April and expand to the full 45 retail segments that we support on Windows before the end of next year

Another highlight is that most of our multi-location business customers are now interested in hosting the RayMedi HQ in the cloud. The last 15 or so deployments are hosted in private cloud for them

I am sure 2010 is an exciting year for us and our customers. Lots of innovation that we have done over the last 12 months are going to be released in the next 3 months. I am sure this will improve the robustness, usability, performance and security of our solutions in addition to increasing the depth and breadth of our offerings

We plan to share our learning as a result of the passionate and deep engagement we have had with some of the highly experienced and successful retailers here

Stay tuned and help us help you


Kumar Vembu
Founder & CEO