Billing from smartphone – The SellSmart way

SellSmart is an elegantly designed, simple and easy to use,  express checkout mobile App.

Where can SellSmart be used?

  • A queue buster to convert your smartphone into express checkout billing counter
  • Make home delivery process simpler by taking order and collecting payment at customer’s doorsteps
  • Manage the transactions of juice stalls, chat corner, ice cream shops & other Kiosk vendors attached your store
  • Used to quickly setup a temporary sales stalls in trade fairs, exhibitions and shopping malls

Why SellSmart for your business?

  • Reduce the queue time of customers, bill instantly. Manage rush hour sales & season time sales easily. Customers with less items in cart can have SellSmart as the express checkout counter
  • Increasing catchment area by taking order in other localities
  • Reduce device investment cost, electricity bill and space occupation on additional billing clients by 50%
  • Manage credit payment easily and keep track of cash-handover
  • Spread the market reach by setting up temporary stalls and integrate with GOFRUGAL POS software.
  • Happy and repeated customers with better checkout experience

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