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Why your retail store needs express checkout?

Last updated on June 2nd, 2022 at 10:44 am

A retail store has two kinds of shoppers / customers.

1. A customer who buys a full cart of items (20% of total customers)

2. A convenience shopper who buys less than 4 items (80% of total customers)

An average retail store has 3-6 billing counters. A busy weekend will have about 8 customers on an average in each of the counters. Among the 8 only 2 customers will have a cart full of items. Rest of them, will have a maximum of 3 products to be billed but will be standing in queue for long time (convenience shoppers). Serving these convenience shoppers is always a challenge to retailers and continues to be a blindspot. But these convenience shoppers are your most repeated customers who visit your store once in every 3 days. They bring you the assured income for your store. If you do not serve them with express checkout counter, they end up buying the same items in nearby grocery store even for an extra rupee!

The solution for this challenge is simple. Its SellSmart!

SellSmart is an express checkout mobile billing app designed to serve retailers to serve convenience shoppers. With SellSmart you can reach out the customers with less items in cart to be billed and deliver them an express checkout experience.

Download SellSmart from play store or app store to experience demo version now.  To try a FREE 30 day trial version of SellSmart with your store’s live data, drop a mail to, we will configure it for you.