Story of a Successful Retailer’s Journey

Mr Karthikeyan, is yet another successful retailer and entrepreneur who has worked hard to grow his dream of a Retailing. A first generation retailer & sole bread winner moved into city with family to start his retail journey.

In 2007, he took over “Amman vegetable market” a loss making business from his owner and turned it profitable and subsequently in 2011 he started “Amman Pazahamidhirsolai,” in chennai suburbs incurring heavy losses forcing him to shutdown. His biggest constraint was no parking space with no visibility to his shop.

Finally he did ensure his next biggest venture “Daily Mart” with up-front investment started at a prime locality. A store sized 5000 sq feet & turnover of Rs 15 crpa, sells groceries, provisions, food and beverages. He strongly believes customer service & satisfaction is very critical and willing to invest on skill training for his employees to deliver customer delight.

Karthikeyan - POS Customer

Mr Karthikeyan, MD, Daily Mart

He feels that government policy on the cap for bigger supermarket players & restricting them to open new stores, will ensure that smaller independent retailers like him survive & grow. E-commerce adoption into his business is very critical to his business, as he believes, it def’ly aids or influences the buying behavior.

Like many kiranas or the mom-pop stores, it is the business built on a reputation for some it is earned over generations. RAI – Retail Associations of India, the voice of Indian organized & modern retailers, is working with GoFrugal to understand the pulse of such Independent Retailers. We plan to interact with such emerging, independent retailers who form the back-bone of Indian Retail. In-sight of the survey findings on a list of 23 successful retailer in Chennai – Retail Aspirations & Road Map.