Local POS Software might break tomorrow!

“Resist the temptation of trying to save yourself a few rupees with Local POS Software.
It will end up costing you more when it doesnt work”

Cracks can be costly to repair

Cracks can be costly to repair

Here’s not just a story, but a real life experience of Mr.Kalyan who runs a medical shop in Andhra Pradesh. He was in Distribution business for 4 years, 8 months back he ventured into retailing. He purchased a local low priced software to manage operations

His happiness did not strive long, why?

In real time the following POS problems happened contradict to his decision of choosing a local software:

  • Software crashed frequently 2 to 3 times a month & errors ended him loose all important data
  • Delay service and no support after 6pm
  • Complexity of the software leading to less understanding of the software even after 5 months
  • Long service time, so lost his regular customers
  • Profit came down drastically
  • Long installation time

All the above issues impacted his business badly.

Worrying about business

Worrying about business

These frequent crashes made him loose all important data including item,customer & account details and was not able to bill for around 6 to 7 days every month, means more than 120 hours he was idle. It resulted in long queues and customers got irritated. “Most retailers think of disaster recovery only in the case of a software crash”. He lost his pharmacy reputation. Regular customer’s stopped visiting and overall profit came down by 30 %. Mentally lost his peace and got frustrated because of POS problems and was not able to service his customers properly.

But all this ended one fine morning when he came in GoFrugal chat. One can’t believe he purchased professional version via online, spending 12 times more than what he spent on his previous software through online within mins. Where did he get this confidence? For 4 years he used GoFrugal software for his distribution business. A question arrives, then why did he not buy earlier?. Were in he said “I regret myself for not having chosen GoFrugal at the first place” the reason was “4 out of 7 friends advised me to go for a local software as it is cheap and spend more on infrastructure of the shop so I can get maximum profit. I wrongly got influenced by that”


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