The Year in Review: RetailEasy on-cloud Highlights 2021

Retail cloud POS releases in 2021

Welcome to cloud nine. Or so we have been told for more than a decade, what with our travel towards cloud-based systems everywhere. While the portability, concrete reliability, low initial capital investment and hardware independence that cloud offers have been the triggers, the pandemic has only accelerated its acceptance.

Gofrugal was a pioneer of sorts venturing into cloud projects with its RetailEasy on-cloud. A decade is a long time to look back at its performance so you can see how you can use it to improve yours!

Gofrugal prunes its bonsai to be the best! 2021 was one great year forRetailEasy on-cloud with 72 major feature releases and 150+ bug fixes and enhancements. The releases involved everything from newer business models to better integrations.

 Benefits in a Retail cloud POS for Owners, Customers and Employees

1. Delight Yourself

In the quest for growth, it is ignoble for the retailers to spend time on basic business operations and that is precisely what RetailEasy on-cloud saves them from.

Capture the right customer information:

In the retail business, customer contact numbers are your asset. Every contact record has to be verified before it takes a room in the storage you have invested in. With RetailEasy on-cloud‘s OTP verification of the customer’s mobile number during customer creation, junk data is kept away from cluttering your database. The clean records ensure valid identities are a quantization of your customer base.

Pass the benefit of inventory accuracy to customers:

You want your store to provide customers with hot goods of the season. Based on the consumer demographics, choose the ingredients of a kit, build the kit. The best part is that Cloud POS lets you create amount-based quantity kits, that can win a market for a compelling price. Add quantities in decimal. Fix an attractive price, calculate the quantity to fit in, making the product appealing. The best part is that the decimals are tracked to the inventory resulting in zero pilferage and eliminating the need for supervision, saving your time.

Delegate stock transfer controls to POS and focus more on sales:

The stock transfer is the point of vulnerability to pilferage, stock mismatch, and accounting loopholes as physical stock is handled, away from the store premises. Neither can the responsibility be assigned to one person as it increases the dependency; nor can the access be global. RetailEasy on-cloud solves this confusion by configuring the access at the user level. In the war to win the sea, the tides shouldn’t matter.

No more chaos in scheduling for the right time:

The right information at the right time leads to the right decisions. Schedule reports to regions with different time zones, avoid time lag confusions, in alignment with the operating time of the store’s location. Pack, profit and please: Want a win-win profit for you and your customers? Get the goods in bulk from the right supplier, repack the goods to saleable quantities. Share a part of the profit with your customers and win them! RetailEasy on-cloud takes complete care of the quantitative relation between the bulk and repack items in the inventory and frees you from the hassles of stock update for bulk items.

2. Delight Employees

Arm your employees with the best-in-class digital tools so even an average worker excels with minimal skills. Embrace digital adoption now!

Liquidate ageing stock with minimal effort:

Fuel the marketer in your salesman with item and bill level salesman commissions and keep the sales from ebbing. Reward your salesman with ageing-based commissions for faster stock liquidation. Eventually, gain higher sales and zero wastage with reduced zero return investment.

Error-free customer data in no time:

Junk records are just that – junk, and should be discarded. With RetailEasy on-cloud‘s inspiring feature enhancement, customer addresses can be loaded using pincode or GST number. Data can be collected with minimal interaction at billing counters saving time and avoiding crowding. Speedy billing with superfast launch: With the login integration made to our super-fast billing addon, GoBill can be directly launched from Cloud POS without a second login. Make yours the go-to store for customers with non-native currencies and stay inclusive irrespective of the geographies with the multi-currency support of Gobill. The sophisticated integration of Gobill, RetailEasy on-cloud and HQ prevents transactions from taking place during Stock Update with centralized Stock Update control from the HQ. The integration is seamless, with accurate data sync, preventing number sequence breaks (like invoice numbers), ultimately leading to hassle-free accounting. Also, enjoy loyalty support, post-dated sales bills, billing flexibility features, flat and scheme-based offers and a host of other benefits with GoBill.

Woo-Commerce is now integrated with RetailEasy on-cloud:

Gofrugal’s Cloud POS holds a list of e-commerce platform integrations as a CloudPOS and Woo-commerce is a new addition. Adopting RetailEasy on-cloud as the POS integration to your e-commerce website is as easy as it is vital to unifying online and offline sales. Automate the data sync and save manpower investment in repeated exporting and importing of data from the e-commerce platform to the POS; and vice-versa.

3. Delight Customers

Satisfy customers and surge your sales:

With the customer category feature of the Cloud POS, you can create custom categories to send category-wise notifications for offers, new arrivals, wishes, etc., and fix bill level special discounts for wholesale buyers. Impress your customers with personalized attention and specialized offers.

Make your business globally inclusive:

Multi-currencies support avoids tedious calculations involved in currency conversions. Wherever be your store, you don’t need to limit the scope of your customers based on currency type, in this digital era. You can save customer’s time searching for money exchange. Also, the sales return reprint with the corresponding invoice number makes it easy to track the sales made to a customer in the past and avoid confusion at the time of item return/exchange.

Reward customers and realize loyalty:

BillEasy is a third-party loyalty programme integrated with RetailEasy on-cloud that can be used in managing customer points and credits. It manages customer loyalty in a centralized manner such that the loyalty points can be made valid across all your outlets.

Security Upgrades and launches in a Cloud POS

4. Reinforced Security and Irrepressible Reliability

RetailEasy on-cloud keeps its walls high:

Data security is Gofrugal’s promise for its cloud products and the security system is highly upgraded with evolving technology. Gofrugal’s Cloud POS is no different in staying updated with the latest security enhancements. RetailEasy on-cloud is now VAPT certified and adheres to all OWASP guidelines. This protects the cloud POS system from vulnerabilities and enhances data encryption, password authentication, and follows the best cryptographic practices. With the recent enhancement, multiple login fails will lead to further access barriers to prevent automated trial and error login trials.

Fence your domain from unauthorized access:

The employee master now takes in the IP address from which the user is allowed access. Once the IP address is registered for the user, logging into the company’s domain is allowed only from that IP address. A manager or a partner can have access from any IP address while accounts or billing staff with anywhere access can be restricted to a single IP address access, which would prevent any data theft. Logging in from any other IP would deny access keeping the domain access hierarchy intact and preventing data theft,  within their device limits. We can be picky with granting access while seamlessly letting node and anywhere users access the domain within their limits.

5. Flagship launches:

Scale your business horizontally and vertically with our flagship launches:

HO + RetailEasy on-cloud makes the best integration combo with the security controls, unified data, and super-fast login. With the integration, all outlets under the HO will have the items, suppliers, customers, categories, and manufacturers’ data and corresponding reports will be synchronized. By synchronizing the data, you can eliminate naming errors and, importantly, you can seamlessly register and operate a new outlet under the HO without having to repeat the initiation process for the outlet with a mere registration and login to your domain. HO also controls the user menus, operations permissions, and configuration access. The integration of HO and GoBill with RetailEasy on-cloud streamlines the transactions made through any of them.

Have complete control over your supply flow:

Gofrugal’s complete Distribution Management System suite with the tools that enhance the distribution process is now integrated with RetailEasy on-cloud. The data of your representative, area, and customer is taxed to deliver effortless usability and features like route planner for your representatives to take the optimal route for customer consultations and thus cutting time and resource wastage. Customer categories and areas can be used to assign customer responsibilities to your representatives. With Gofrugal’s DMS, you can set up the focus product of the business’ season and promote the product via representatives.  An existing ManageEasy on-premise outlet can also be migrated to DMS on-cloud along with the outlet data, like transaction and stock data without hampering the flow of sequence numbers almost instantly. The multilevel physical stock approval eliminates the chances for a stock mismatch or any loophole.

This has been an eventful year for RetailEasy on-cloud with feature releases covering all the components of a business – from retailer to customer with fresh launches and security certifications and enhancements. RetailEasy on-cloud has succeeded in holding high, Gofrugal’s goals for its customers – precise and premium features, least manpower and zero return investments and enhanced security. With the pandemic and the consequent demand for digital solutions, RetailEasy on-cloud has been the go-to Cloud POS for its seamless integrations and market-dominant feature additions. Like I said, welcome to cloud nine!

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