Gofrugal OrderEasy -The best online ordering app for your business

OrderEasy-The best online ordering app

“Necessity is the mother of Invention”. I would say COVID is the mother of online ordering. It was the pandemic that made online ordering an emerging trend but in the days to come it was preferred for convenience, comfort and now for a pleasant customer experience.

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1. A shift from traditional ordering

2. Why is Gofrugal OrderEasy the best online ordering app?

3. What’s new in Gofrugal OrderEasy?

4. How to onboard with Gofrugal OrderEasy?

Online Ordering App – A Journey from Combating Corona to Customer Experience

During the pandemic, It was the immediately available options like Whats app and telephonic ordering that took over the entire ordering processes adhering to social distancing norms. Selling through e-commerce sites captivated the COVID scenario in no time. But the commissions demanded were burdening and impoverishing to small retailers, which made them struggle hard to survive in the market.

It was then the onus on the digital solution providers to develop online ordering and delivery solutions aligning with the expectations of the target audience.The outcome was taking business online via branded mobile apps. It was a touch and navigate process that involved no request for a domain, no complicated coding, no installation or maintenance charges, and you can inaugurate your online business in less than one day. Gofrugal’s OrderEasy app was a product built for the aspiring business people who wished to thrive amidst the pandemic blues.

Online ordering apps, which were initially developed to meet the challenges posed by social distancing, later became a day-to-day mode of shopping for many. Starting from searching for items to scheduling deliveries, for your customers, it is a virtual shopping pleasure that is uncompromising. Customers can be reached by way of notifications, and any new arrivals can be intimated instantly. As a mobile phone is the all-time companion of every common man, online ordering through apps is a commercially viable option for almost the whole of the global population.

Why is Gofrugal OrderEasy the best online ordering app?

  • Pick and place items swiftly with your branded mobile app:

No endless navigation is needed for customers to land on the desired item. Your store app now comes with user-friendly ways of spotting the searched items in a single step. Buyers can pick items from exhaustive brands at a lightning speed and place them in the cart. They can complete every ordering process in no time with your online ordering app

  • Take your business the omnichannel way with the OrderEasy app:

With the growing trend of online shopping, being available at all touch points like stores, online and mobile, will provide more flexibility to purchase from any place. Mobile apps are one such touch point available universally across the globe. Based on recent and reliable statistics, about 49% of the Indian population prefer to buy online and the future of mobile apps ordering is on the rising side. Progressive web app (PWA) gives an unmatching web experience for your branded app which can be accessed through the mobile browser with no requirement of publishing and maintaining an app.

  • Offer flexible payment modes for a splendid checkout:

With contactless payments captivating the COVID scenario, numerous payment methods started emerging subsequently and online payments through mobile wallets, UPI, PayPal and other payment modes proved to be safe and successful. With multiple payment integrations, OrderEasy app facilitates incessant checkout.

  • Perform delightful deliveries with integrated delivery management:

Online orders are always sought for home deliveries, and any ordering app should have an integrated delivery management system. Once the order is completed, preferences for delivery slots with options for free and paid deliveries are provided. Status updates from order execution to completion of deliveries are precisely shared from the app. The last-mile delivery is made memorable with a well-developed online ordering app.

  • AI powered customizations for enhancing customer loyalty:

Arriving at realistic insights on customer purchase patterns and triggering recommendations unique to the customer will promote brand affinity. Setting personalized offers and notifying them is yet another genuine strategy to make customers return. You can receive feedback and ratings upon completion of every order to constantly improve the quality of service. More than the product, the retailer trusts the brand that provides on-time solutions for queries, ensuring business continuity. With the online ordering app, you are assured of this with chatbots.

OrderEasy – A No-POS solution for online order management

The online ordering app was an outcome to meet the challenges posed by the pandemic. But selling through mobile apps has become a trend because of the simplicity and affordability to cater for any business for that matter. Whether or not your  ERP or POS system is empowered to accomplish online ordering and payments, Gofrugal’s  OrderEasy app comes as an independent online order management solution with no infrastructure dependency. You can create items and categories from your order management portal. Sales orders can be viewed and processed too from the portal.

Open your online store with the best online ordering app and make seamless order execution from acknowledgement of the order to delivery at door step

In the present day scenario of heavy competition among various businesses, enjoying the privilege of ownership and control, and acquiring a constant set of customers are the aspects that are to be worked on meticulously. With no transparency in brand visibility, no possibility of personalization and no reach to your customers, selling on e-commerce sites is no longer a wise option. With branded mobile apps you can reach your customers the way you wish, frame your own strategies to acquire and retain them with very less capital investment and minimal technical competency. Don’t pause for want of POS. Gofrugal OrderEasy now comes as a versatile online order management app that operates autonomously.  

How to on-board with Gofrugal OrderEasy? 

Just 5 small steps and less than 1 business day to on-board the standalone solution of OrderEasy app and kick-start your online business.

Ordereasy app registration process

Book for a demo and free trial. Know more on exciting offers on subscription plans. Become one of the early users of Gofrugal OrderEasy, the best online ordering app, with all its new dimensions. Vaccinate your business and stay ahead of competition.

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