Quick glance and understand the 'Active sessions' with employee names across branches and understand how each one is performing in terms of sales. Even check the history of sessions with their start and end-time. Employees work on shift? No worries! Manage each shift based on the employee having a clear accountability of opening cash, sales, refund and more
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Restaurant information app


Touch and take orders in seconds, flip across menu items, modifiers, variants and order types, process discounts, send kitchen notes, take orders and send them to kitchen directly. Add customers and manage their preferences with few taps. Your customer needs a little more time to decide his order, allow him the comfort, hold his order and service others, recall the order later
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Retail information app


We make your job easier and help you bill much faster by having pre-filled tender values nearest to the bill value, tap and bill in seconds. Have that extra minute to interact with your customers and get their mail ids to update your database
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Realtime reports, for single or multi-store business from ServQuick itself. Which is your peak selling hour? Non-selling items? Hot sellers, top selling modifiers and sales by users and more, know more and take more decisions faster
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POS report app

QSR in your pocket

Ask any question on WhatsNow app from your smartphone and get it answered in seconds

Back Office

Be it a single or a multi store, set up your counters, menu, taxes all using an csv import. Monitor your outlets with consolidated data of sales, refunds, menu items, taxes and more
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Real time retail analytic tool


Same product, but want to price it differently for different locations, based on order types? configure it with ease. Manage multiple price books for different seasons, keep them active or inactive
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Retail information app

Online Orders

Using Swiggy, zomato ? We have got you all covered. Seamless order processing, item/outlet management, multi pricing across portals, Online menu management do it all from a single screen!
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Offer and discounts

Offer special pricing to your customers while managing them by a group or by providing item level discounts. Configure additional charges based on the order type too
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Multiple kitchen prints

Wanna print separate tickets for the same order? Print Kitchen tickets to multiple printers based on the menu ordered. Like one to your 'bar' and the other to the sandwich station
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Multiple Store Management

iPad / Android POS gives complete visibility to your multi-stores business

Flexibility to setup and manage multiple stores easily. Expand your business horizontally by adding more registers or grow your business vertically adding more stores. Stay connected with real time visibility anywhere anytime ServQuick cloud POS
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